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Salary Structure of Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA)

In a significant stride towards the efficient regulation of Nigeria’s midstream and downstream petroleum operations, the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) emerged on the scene in September 2021, aligning itself with the transformative Petroleum Industry Act (PIA). This government agency stands as a cornerstone for the technical and commercial oversight that ensures the smooth functioning of the country’s petroleum sector.

For those aspiring to contribute to Nigeria’s dynamic energy landscape, a career at the NMDPRA offers an exciting journey. The agency’s commitment to attracting top talent is reflected in its competitive salary structure, designed to recognize and reward excellence at every level.

Embarking on a career at the NMDPRA opens doors to a multitude of opportunities. As an entry-level staff member in the Grade Level 8 salary grade, individuals can expect a competitive annual salary of ₦3,500,000. This serves as a solid foundation for professionals eager to make their mark in the realm of midstream and downstream petroleum regulation.

Ascending the Career Ladder

The NMDPRA acknowledges the importance of career growth and progression. The salary structure for different levels reflects the agency’s commitment to recognizing and valuing the expertise and experience each employee brings to the table. Here’s a glimpse into the ascending levels and their respective salaries:

  • Level 9: ₦3,700,000
  • Level 10: ₦4,000,000
  • Level 11: ₦4,300,000
  • Level 12: ₦4,600,000
  • Level 13: ₦5,000,000
  • Level 14: ₦5,400,000
  • Level 15: ₦5,800,000
  • Level 16: ₦6,200,000
  • Level 17: ₦6,700,000
  • Level 18: ₦7,200,000
  • Level 19: ₦7,700,000

These salary levels not only reflect the agency’s commitment to attracting top-tier talent but also serve as an incentive for continuous professional development and excellence in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What components make up the salary structure at NNPC?

The salary structure at NNPC is comprised of basic salary, allowances, and bonuses. Basic salary is a fixed monthly amount, while allowances may include housing, transportation, and meal subsidies. Bonuses are performance-based and can be awarded annually.

How does the salary at NNPC vary by position?

Salaries at NNPC vary significantly based on job roles and levels of experience. Entry-level positions receive lower salaries, while senior management and specialized roles command higher pay. The salary scale is designed to reflect the responsibility, expertise, and contribution of each position within the corporation.

Are there additional benefits provided to NNPC employees beyond the basic salary?

Yes, NNPC employees receive various benefits in addition to their basic salary. These benefits include health insurance, pension schemes, leave allowances, and sometimes access to company housing or car loans. These benefits are intended to enhance the overall compensation package and support employee well-being.

How frequently are salaries reviewed and adjusted at NNPC?

Salaries at NNPC are typically reviewed annually. Adjustments are based on performance evaluations, inflation rates, and industry standards. The review process ensures that salaries remain competitive and fair, in line with the corporation’s financial performance and strategic goals.

What is the average salary for an NNPC employee?

The average salary for an NNPC employee can vary widely based on their role, experience, and location. For instance, entry-level positions might earn between NGN 150,000 to NGN 250,000 per month, while senior management roles can exceed NGN 1,000,000 monthly. These figures are indicative and can vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions.


As Nigeria strides confidently into a new era of petroleum regulation, the NMDPRA stands as a beacon of opportunity for individuals seeking fulfilling careers in the midstream and downstream sectors. With a competitive salary structure that values expertise and dedication, the agency invites prospective employees to join its ranks and be part of the transformative journey shaping the nation’s energy landscape.

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