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Ondo State House Of Assembly Salary Per Month: Too Much Or Too Little? How Much They Earn

The Ondo State House of Assembly plays a crucial role as the legislative arm of the state government, comprising 26 elected members responsible for lawmaking, budget approval, and overseeing the executive branch. One question that often arises is the salary of these elected officials. In this post, we delve into the details of the Ondo State House of Assembly member salaries, examining whether it’s deemed appropriate or raises concerns.

Ondo State House of Assembly Salary Breakdown:

Each month, an Ondo State House of Assembly member receives a total salary of ₦750,000. This comprises a basic salary of ₦500,000, a constituency allowance of ₦200,000, and a car loan of ₦50,000.

Factors to Consider:

Determining whether this salary is just right or excessive involves considering various factors. The cost of living in Ondo State is relatively high, with expenses such as housing, food, and transportation posing challenges for many residents. Additionally, House of Assembly members shoulder significant responsibilities, shaping laws that impact millions of lives in the state.

Comparison with Other States:

To gauge the appropriateness of the salary, it’s essential to compare it with the compensation provided to lawmakers in other states. For instance, while Ondo State offers ₦750,000, Lagos State pays its House of Assembly members ₦1,000,000 per month. Such comparisons can provide context for evaluating the fairness of the Ondo State House of Assembly salaries.

Diverse Opinions:

Opinions on the Ondo State House of Assembly salary vary. Some argue that the compensation is too high, particularly given the economic situation in the state. They advocate for a more frugal approach to lawmaker salaries. On the flip side, proponents of the current salary structure contend that competitive compensation is necessary to attract qualified individuals to serve in these vital roles. They argue that the salaries are commensurate with the responsibilities undertaken by House of Assembly members.


The question of whether the Ondo State House of Assembly salary is appropriate involves a nuanced analysis of multiple factors. Balancing the cost of living, the responsibilities of lawmakers, and comparisons with other states allows for a more comprehensive evaluation. Public discourse on this matter continues, reflecting the ongoing dialogue about the role and compensation of elected officials in Nigeria.

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