Salary Structure

Cabin Crew Salaries Structure

Embarking on a career as a cabin crew member is an exciting journey that combines a passion for travel with the responsibility of ensuring a safe and enjoyable flight for passengers. Beyond the allure of exploring new destinations, one often wonders about the financial aspects of this profession. In this blog post, we delve into the average salary of cabin crew in the United Kingdom, shedding light on the compensation package that accompanies this unique and dynamic occupation.

Unlocking the Numbers:

As of the latest data available, the national average salary for a cabin crew member in the United Kingdom stands at an impressive £52,709. This figure provides an overview of the compensation landscape, but it’s crucial to note that individual salaries may vary based on factors such as experience, airline, and location.

Location Matters:

Filtering the data by location unveils the nuanced variations in cabin crew salaries across different areas. The cost of living and demand for air travel play key roles in shaping these differences. Whether you find yourself soaring over the bustling cityscape of London or cruising above the picturesque landscapes of the countryside, your location can impact your earning potential as a cabin crew member.

Anonymous Insights:

Salary estimates are gleaned from the valuable input of those who know the profession best—cabin crew employees. Based on 13 anonymously submitted salaries to Glassdoor, these insights provide a glimpse into the real-world compensation experiences of individuals working in the field. Such transparency allows aspiring cabin crew members to make informed decisions about their career path.


Embarking on a career as a cabin crew member not only opens doors to the world but also offers a competitive and rewarding compensation package. The national average salary of £52,709 in the United Kingdom reflects the value placed on the skills, dedication, and customer service excellence demonstrated by cabin crew members. Aspiring individuals can use this information to chart their course in the aviation industry, embracing both the adventure of travel and the financial rewards that come with ensuring safe and pleasant journeys for passengers.

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