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First Bank Salary Structure In Nigeria: How Much Staffs Earn Per Month

Joining the workforce at First Bank of Nigeria can be an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking a rewarding career in the banking industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the salary structures and benefits that employees at First Bank can expect, providing insights into various job titles and additional perks.

Salary Ranges at First Bank:

Salaries at First Bank of Nigeria vary based on factors such as job title, experience, and location. While individual circumstances may influence these figures, Glassdoor estimates provide a general overview of what employees in different roles might earn on average:

  1. Bank Teller:
    • Salary Range: NGN 998,000 – NGN 1,000,000 per month
  2. Assistant Banking Officer:
    • Salary Range: NGN 1,200,000 – NGN 1,500,000 per month
  3. Customer Service Officer:
    • Salary Range: NGN 1,044,000 – NGN 1,200,000 per month
  4. Relationship Manager:
    • Salary Range: NGN 3,000,000 – NGN 4,000,000 per month
  5. Branch Manager:
    • Salary Range: NGN 5,000,000 – NGN 10,000,000 per month

It’s important to note that these figures are approximations and can be influenced by factors like experience, location, and individual negotiations.

Additional Benefits:

In addition to competitive base salaries, First Bank employees enjoy a range of benefits designed to enhance their overall well-being and job satisfaction. These benefits include:

  1. Housing Allowance:
    • Assistances for accommodation, making it more feasible for employees to settle into their roles.
  2. Transport Allowance:
    • Support for commuting expenses, ensuring that employees can travel to and from work comfortably.
  3. Medical Insurance:
    • Comprehensive health coverage to address the medical needs of employees and their families.
  4. Pension Plan:
    • A structured retirement savings plan, providing financial security for the future.
  5. Leave Allowance:
    • Additional financial support during periods of leave, contributing to a healthy work-life balance.


Joining First Bank of Nigeria not only offers competitive salaries but also provides employees with a suite of benefits designed to enhance their overall quality of life. As with any organization, individual circumstances and negotiations can impact the final compensation package, making it essential for prospective employees to discuss their specific needs during the hiring process.

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