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Medical Doctors’ Salaries in Nigeria (2024): See What They Earn

The allure of the medical profession in Nigeria goes beyond its prestige and respect—it extends to the financial rewards that come with the job. Aspiring doctors are drawn to the complexity, delicacy, and high competition of medical school, fueled by the promise of a secure job and lucrative salaries. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the earning potential of medical doctors in Nigeria, considering both government and private sectors.

Understanding the Salary Structure of Medical Doctors in Nigeria

The salary structure for medical doctors in Nigeria is regulated by two bodies: the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) for hospitals and the Consolidated University Academic Structure (CONAUSS) for those in the academic sector. Let’s break down the earning journey for medical doctors, starting from their housemanship to post-NYSC.

  1. Housemanship Salary: Upon graduating from medical school, aspiring doctors undergo a compulsory one-year house job. Salaries for house officers vary, with an average starting point of around N160,000. However, the competition for house job slots has increased, leading to some hospitals conducting tests to streamline candidates.
  2. NYSC Doctors’ Salary: After the house job, medical doctors are required to undergo the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. Stipends during this period depend on factors such as location, state, and the type of hospital. On average, doctors receive anything from N50,000 during the NYSC, with some even working for free.
  3. Post-NYSC Doctor’s Salaries: Upon completing the NYSC, salaries for medical doctors continue to vary based on experience and qualification. Doctors entering the workforce after NYSC can expect to earn a starting salary of around N220,000, depending on whether they work for the federal or state government. Private hospitals may offer lower starting salaries, beginning at N120,000 for resident doctors.

Breakdown of Salaries for Medical Doctors in Nigeria

Let’s take a closer look at the salaries of medical doctors at different levels of experience in both government and private hospitals:

Salaries in Government Hospitals/Teaching Hospitals

  • Medical Officers: From N180,000
  • Resident Doctors (Registrars): From N220,000
  • Senior Resident Doctors (Senior Registrars): From N260,000
  • Consultants: From N450,000 (fresh consultants, senior consultants earn more)

Salaries in Private Hospitals in Nigeria

  • Medical Officers: From N60,000
  • Resident Doctors: From N120,000
  • Consultants: From N400,000


While the medical profession in Nigeria continues to be one of the most respected and well-paying, it’s essential to recognize the nuances in salaries, especially between government and private sectors. Aspiring doctors should be informed about the evolving landscape of the medical job market and the factors that influence their earning potential at different stages of their careers.

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