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Human Resources Manager Salaries Structure In Canada

In the dynamic landscape of Canadian workplaces, Human Resources Managers play a pivotal role in fostering a positive and productive work environment. One key aspect that job seekers and industry professionals are keenly interested in is compensation. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the salary landscape for Human Resources Managers in Canada, shedding light on both the average annual salary and additional cash compensation.

Average Annual Salary:

According to recent data, the average annual salary for Human Resources Managers in Canada stands at an enticing $99,955. This figure reflects the compensation received by professionals in this role, illustrating the recognition and value attached to their expertise in managing human capital within organizations.

Additional Cash Compensation:

Beyond the base salary, it’s essential to consider additional cash compensation, which can significantly impact a Human Resources Manager’s overall earnings. In Canada, the average additional cash compensation for professionals in this role is reported to be $9,978. This supplementary income is designed to reward and acknowledge exceptional performance, ensuring that Human Resources Managers are duly recognized for their contributions to organizational success.

Range of Additional Cash Compensation:

The additional cash compensation for Human Resources Managers in Canada is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, it varies within a range, providing insight into the potential earning opportunities based on individual performance and other factors. The reported range for additional cash compensation spans from $5,193 to $19,170. This variation highlights the flexibility and potential for growth in earnings, allowing professionals in this field to be rewarded commensurate with their skills and achievements.

Data Source and Methodology:

These salary insights are derived from a comprehensive analysis of 1692 salary submissions from Human Resources Manager employees across Canada. The data is anonymized, ensuring the privacy of contributors while providing a robust representation of the salary landscape within the country.


Understanding the compensation landscape is crucial for both aspiring Human Resources Managers and industry professionals looking to benchmark their earnings. With an average annual salary of $99,955 and additional cash compensation ranging from $5,193 to $19,170, Human Resources Managers in Canada have the opportunity to thrive financially while contributing to the success of their organizations.

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