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Akwa Ibom Civil Service Salary Structure

The Akwa Ibom State Civil Service stands as one of the largest employers in the region, playing a pivotal role in providing livelihoods for many residents. Understanding the intricacies of the salary structure is crucial for civil servants to navigate their financial landscape effectively. In this article, we will delve into the various grades, levels, allowances, and benefits that comprise the Akwa Ibom Civil Service Salary Structure.

The Different Grades and Levels:

The Akwa Ibom Civil Service is organized into 17 grades, spanning from Grade Level 01 to Grade Level 17. The determination of salaries within these levels is influenced by the National Minimum Wage, as well as individual factors like qualifications and experience. Additionally, employees are assigned to specific positions, delineating their roles and responsibilities within the service.

Allowances and Benefits:

Civil servants in Akwa Ibom receive more than just a basic salary; they are entitled to a range of allowances and benefits designed to enhance their overall compensation package. These include:

  1. Housing Allowance
  2. Transport Allowance
  3. Medical Allowance
  4. Leave Allowance
  5. Uniform Allowance
  6. Training Allowance
  7. Other allowances like hardship allowance and entertainment allowance

The specific amount for each allowance is contingent upon the employee’s grade level and position within the civil service hierarchy.

Factors Affecting Salary:

A civil servant’s salary in Akwa Ibom is subject to several influencing factors, including:

  1. Grade Level and Position: The designated grade level and position within the civil service hierarchy directly impact the salary structure.
  2. Qualifications and Experience: The educational qualifications and professional experience of an employee contribute to the determination of their salary.
  3. Performance: Individual performance is a key factor affecting salary increments and bonuses, rewarding dedication and excellence.


Navigating the Akwa Ibom Civil Service Salary Structure involves an understanding of the diverse elements that contribute to the overall compensation of civil servants. As employees progress through different grades and levels, accruing experience and qualifications, their financial rewards evolve accordingly. Moreover, the array of allowances and benefits further enriches the compensation package, ensuring that civil servants are appropriately rewarded for their dedication and service to the state.

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