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Delta State Civil Service Salary Structure

The Delta State Civil Service stands as a vital pillar in the governance structure of Nigeria, tasked with delivering a wide array of services to the residents of Delta State. This body of government employees plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the state’s administrative machinery. One key aspect that defines the working experience for civil servants is the salary structure, which is intricately determined by the state government’s rules and regulations.

Understanding the Salary Structure:

The salary structure for civil servants in Delta State is organized into 17 distinct grade levels. These grade levels serve as the foundation for determining the basic salary of each employee. Several factors come into play when calculating this basic salary, including the employee’s grade level, experience, and qualifications. This basic salary is then complemented by various allowances aimed at addressing the financial needs and challenges faced by civil servants in the region.

The following table provides an overview of the basic salary for each grade level in Delta State:

Grade Level Basic Salary (₦)
1 65,000
2 67,500
3 70,000
4 72,500
5 75,000
6 77,500
7 80,000
8 82,500
9 85,000
10 87,500
11 90,000
12 92,500
13 95,000
14 97,500
15 100,000
16 102,500
17 105,000

Allowances to Enhance Livelihood:

In addition to the basic salary, civil servants in Delta State are entitled to a range of allowances to alleviate the challenges associated with the cost of living and other daily expenses. These allowances include:

  1. Housing Allowance
  2. Transport Allowance
  3. Medical Allowance
  4. Food Allowance
  5. Uniform Allowance
  6. Leave Allowance
  7. Training Allowance


Understanding the salary structure and allowances of the Delta State Civil Service is essential for both existing and prospective civil servants. This transparency fosters a better understanding of the compensation system in place and highlights the state government’s commitment to supporting its workforce. As civil servants continue to contribute to the growth and development of Delta State, it is crucial to recognize and appreciate the mechanisms in place to ensure fair and competitive remuneration.

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