Sad Truth About Why I Use Dating Apps – DJ Cuppy

Speaking during what DJ Cuppy explained to be a “very honest & unplanned LIVE” on Instagram, she said:

“I’m struggling to find a partner. Like I have been single properly, like I haven’t had a boyfriend for a very long time. I feel like my next boyfriend needs to be my husband. I’m ready to take that step. When I say I’m ready to take that step is I mean I’m ready to start working towards it. But it’s so hard.

The situation for me is I find it, and I’m gonna be honest, I find it really hard for Nigerian men to give me a chance as an individual. Because I feel completely overshadowed by my dad. That’s the truth. And it’s really difficult. And guys can be very very patient and play the game. I met so many Nigerian guys that are usually like “Oh my gosh Cuppy, what’s your surname? I’ve never heard of you” and I believe them but then it always – maybe they tell someone. Before you know it, “Oh yeah by the way, can you get my cousin a job.” You know, it takes out of my experience with the person and before anything even happens, my guard is back up. And it’s really annoying. That’s why for me, I love things like dating apps and I love things like speed dating because you are in front of the person and they have to give you their attention.

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