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ExxonMobil Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently

Embarking on a career in the oil and gas industry is a goal shared by many engineering graduates, and ExxonMobil stands out as a prominent player in this sector. In this article, we’ll delve into the ExxonMobil overview, its subsidiaries, salary structure, and the recruitment process. Additionally, we’ll explore other key oil companies in Nigeria and their respective salary structures.

ExxonMobil Overview:

ExxonMobil, a product of the 1999 merger between Exxon of New Jersey and Mobil of New York, has swiftly become a global leader in the oil and gas sector. As an American corporation with a presence in over 20 subsidiaries worldwide, ExxonMobil plays a pivotal role in energy production, contributing to 3% of the world’s oil and 2% of global energy. The company’s divisions include upstream (oil exploration and extraction), downstream (refining and retail), and chemistry.

Subsidiaries of ExxonMobil:

ExxonMobil’s vast reach extends to numerous subsidiaries, such as Aera Energy, Esso, ExxonMobil Neftegas, and XTO Energy. These subsidiaries operate in various regions, reflecting ExxonMobil’s commitment to a diverse and global presence.

ExxonMobil Salary Structure:

One of the key considerations for potential employees is the salary structure. ExxonMobil is known for its generous compensation, making it a top choice among oil companies in Nigeria. Here is a glimpse of the salary range for various positions within the company:

  • Chemist: $40,989 to $85,147
  • Civil Engineer: $41,608 to $113,352
  • Business Analyst: $43,919 to $102,370
  • Process Engineer: $94,971 to $138,713
  • Chemical Engineer: $73,984 to $221,476
  • Commercial Manager: $57,602 to $227,119
  • Construction Manager: $68,487 to $201,658
  • Control System Engineer: $55,794 to $112,951
  • Financial Analyst: $60,583 to $124,109
  • Mechanical Engineer: $65,436 to $198,659
  • Administrative Assistant: $32,024 to $65,074

ExxonMobil Recruitment Process:

To join ExxonMobil, applicants need to meet specific requirements, including being computer literate, possessing relevant educational qualifications, and being under the age of 35. The recruitment process involves applying online through the company’s official website ( and following the outlined steps for job applications.

Other Oil Companies in Nigeria and Their Salaries:

The article also provides insights into the salary structures of other major oil companies in Nigeria, such as Chevron Texaco, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, Schlumberger, Shell Development Company Nigeria, Total Nigeria Plc, Addax Petroleum, Amazon Energy, Amni International Petroleum Development Company, and Bell Oil and Gas.


Embarking on a career with ExxonMobil presents a wealth of opportunities in the dynamic and lucrative oil and gas industry. The company’s global presence, diverse subsidiaries, and competitive salaries make it an attractive option for aspiring professionals. As the article illustrates, understanding the recruitment process and salary structures of ExxonMobil and other key players in Nigeria’s oil industry is essential for individuals aiming to thrive in this sector.

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