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How Much Do Travel Drivers Earn In Nigeria Per Month?

Traveling is a cherished pastime for people worldwide, offering a chance to explore diverse cultures and landscapes. Nigeria, with its rich heritage and varied terrain, is no exception. For those considering a career as a travel driver in Nigeria, understanding the salary landscape is crucial. In this blog post, we delve into the average earnings of travel drivers, the factors influencing their salaries, and tips to enhance income.

The Average Salary for Travel Drivers in Nigeria:

In Nigeria, the average salary for travel drivers hovers around ₦150,000 per month. However, several factors contribute to the variations in this figure. These include the driver’s experience, the type of vehicle they operate, and the company they are affiliated with.

Factors Affecting the Salary of Travel Drivers:

  1. Experience:
    • Drivers with more experience generally command higher salaries.
  2. Type of Vehicle:
    • Operating luxury or larger vehicles often results in a higher income compared to driving smaller vehicles.
  3. Company:
    • Drivers employed by larger companies typically earn more than their counterparts in smaller firms.
  4. Location:
    • Working in major cities is often associated with higher earnings compared to drivers in smaller towns.
  5. Overtime:
    • Those willing to work overtime can substantially increase their monthly income.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Travel Driver in Nigeria:

  1. Accumulate Experience:
    • Gaining more experience in the field can enhance your earning potential.
  2. Get Certified:
    • Certification as a travel driver can boost your credibility and, consequently, your income.
  3. Drive a Luxury Vehicle:
    • If possible, consider upgrading to driving luxury vehicles to access higher pay scales.
  4. Work for a Larger Company:
    • Joining a larger travel company often comes with the perk of a more competitive salary.
  5. Choose Major Cities:
    • Opting to work in major cities provides more lucrative opportunities compared to smaller towns.
  6. Embrace Overtime Opportunities:
    • Being open to working overtime can significantly augment your monthly earnings.


For aspiring travel drivers in Nigeria, understanding the factors influencing salaries is vital for making informed career decisions. Whether it’s gaining more experience, obtaining certifications, or exploring opportunities in major cities, there are various avenues to increase earning potential in this dynamic field. By navigating these considerations wisely, travel drivers can embark on a rewarding journey both culturally and financially.

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