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WAEC Salary Structure in Nigeria 2023

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) stands as a prominent institution in West Africa, dedicated to the administration and management of various examinations across the region. Beyond its crucial role in the education sector, WAEC offers competitive salaries to its staff, reflecting the diverse roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Exploring WAEC’s Salary Structure:

The salary structure at WAEC is multifaceted, taking into account the position and level of experience of each staff member. The minimum salary for WAEC staff is set at 50,000 Naira, emphasizing the commitment to fair compensation.

Entry-Level Salaries:

For those starting their career journey at WAEC, competitive entry-level salaries await. Here’s a glimpse of some common positions and their corresponding entry-level salaries:

  1. Examinations Officer: 120,000 Naira
  2. ICT Support Technician: 130,000 Naira
  3. Administrative Assistant: 110,000 Naira
  4. Office Assistant: 100,000 Naira

These salaries reflect the organization’s acknowledgment of the importance of various roles in contributing to the smooth functioning of WAEC.

Salaries Based on Experience and Positions:

As staff members gain experience and take on higher responsibilities, WAEC ensures that their dedication is duly rewarded. Here are the salaries for different levels of experience and positions:

  1. Assistant Registrar: 250,000 Naira
  2. Deputy Registrar: 350,000 Naira
  3. Registrar: 500,000 Naira

These figures showcase WAEC’s commitment to recognizing the expertise and contributions of its experienced staff.


the salary structure at WAEC Nigeria is designed to attract and retain skilled professionals who play pivotal roles in the examination process. As an organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of examinations in West Africa, WAEC’s commitment extends to providing competitive and fair compensation for its diverse workforce. Whether at the entry level or in higher positions, WAEC employees can find a rewarding career path within the organization.

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