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Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure And Ranks

The Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) plays a crucial role in the nation’s criminal justice system, overseeing the management of prisons across the country. Understanding its hierarchical structure, salary system, and ranks is essential for individuals interested in working with this federal agency. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the Nigerian Prison Service, shedding light on its functions, salary structure, and ranks.

Nigerian Prison Service Overview

The NPS, a federal agency headquartered in Abuja, falls under the purview of the Interior Ministry. With 240 prisons across Nigeria, the NPS ensures the effective administration of correctional facilities, contributing to the country’s criminal justice system.

Prisons are scattered throughout the nation, including notable ones like Yola Prison in Adamawa State, Abakiliki Prison in Ebonyi State, Kuje Medium Prison in the Federal Capital Territory, and several others.

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure

The salary structure of the Nigerian Prisons Service is divided into two components: the administrative structure and the command structure. At the helm is the Controller-General, appointed by the President to oversee policy design and execution. Below are some key positions and their roles:

  1. Controller-General of Prisons:
    • The highest-ranking official responsible for policy development and execution.
    • Appointed by the President.
  2. Deputy Controller-General:
    • Second-highest level with six officials overseeing administrative divisions.
    • Manages jail administration, including supplies, budgets, logistics, and operations.
  3. Assistant Controller-General:
    • Oversees zones, with Nigeria divided into eight.
    • Manages specialized divisions within the prison administration.
  4. Controller of Prisons:
    • Heads state commands under the National Headquarters in Abuja.
  5. Prison Warden:
    • Superintendent of Prisons (SP), in charge of a specific correctional facility.
  6. Other Ranks:
    • Assistant Superintendent of Prisons I & II, Prisons Assistant III, Senior Inspector of Prisons, Inspector of Prisons, Deputy Superintendent of Prisons, Assistant Inspector of Prisons, Prisons Assistant I & II.

Nigerian Prison Service Salary

The salary structure for NPS follows the Consolidated Para-Military Wage Structure (CONPASS). The annual salary for Nigerian prison service personnel ranges from N800,000 to N1,000,000, with variations based on rank and experience. The Controller-General receives the highest income, followed by Deputy Controller Generals and Assistant Generals.

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment Categories and Salary Structure

The recruitment process for the Nigerian Prison Service involves different categories with corresponding prerequisites and salary structures. Here’s an overview:

  1. Superintendent Cadre:
    • Positions such as Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Medical and Veterinary Superintendent of Prisons fall under this category.
  2. Inspectorate Cadre:
    • Senior Inspector of Prisons, Inspector of Prisons Nursing, Assistant Inspector of Prisons are part of this cadre.
  3. Assistant Cadre:
    • Prisons Assistant I & II, Prison Assistant III, each with specific educational requirements.


What is the starting salary for a new recruit in the Nigerian Prison Service?

The starting salary for a new recruit in the Nigerian Prison Service, typically at the rank of Prisons Assistant I (PAI), is approximately ₦655,000 per annum. This figure may vary slightly depending on allowances and other benefits.

How does the salary structure progress as one moves up the ranks in the Nigerian Prison Service?

As personnel advance in rank within the Nigerian Prison Service, their salary increases accordingly. For instance, a Prisons Inspector earns around ₦1,000,000 per annum, while a Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (DSP) can earn up to ₦1,500,000 annually. The salary structure is designed to reward experience and higher responsibilities.

What are the ranks in the Nigerian Prison Service, and how are they organized?

The Nigerian Prison Service ranks are structured similarly to other paramilitary organizations. The ranks start from the lowest, Prisons Assistant, and ascend through Prisons Assistant II, Prisons Assistant I, Prisons Inspector, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons, Deputy Superintendent of Prisons, Superintendent of Prisons, Chief Superintendent of Prisons, Assistant Controller of Prisons, Deputy Controller of Prisons, Controller of Prisons, and the highest, Controller-General of Prisons.

Are there any special allowances or benefits for Nigerian Prison Service personnel?

Yes, Nigerian Prison Service personnel are entitled to various allowances and benefits in addition to their basic salary. These may include housing allowances, uniform allowances, hazard allowances, and duty tour allowances. These benefits are designed to support the officers in their duties and improve their overall welfare.

How does the Nigerian Prison Service salary compare to other security agencies in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Prison Service salary structure is generally comparable to other security and paramilitary agencies in Nigeria, such as the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Customs Service. While there may be slight differences in allowances and benefits, the overall pay scale is structured to ensure equity across the various security services in the country.


A career in the Nigerian Prison Service offers various opportunities across different cadres. Understanding the hierarchy, salary structure, and recruitment categories provides valuable insights for those considering joining this essential arm of the nation’s criminal justice system. If you’re interested in more details or considering a career in the Nigerian Prison Service, this guide can serve as a useful resource.

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