Salary Structure

Assistant Vice President Salaries Structure

Ever wondered what the financial landscape looks like for Assistant Vice Presidents in the United Kingdom? Look no further, as we delve into the intricacies of their compensation, shedding light on the average salary and additional cash benefits.

Unlocking the Numbers:

According to data gathered from 1161 anonymously submitted salaries on Glassdoor, the average annual salary for Assistant Vice Presidents in the United Kingdom stands at an enticing £77,169. This figure serves as a benchmark, giving job seekers and professionals alike a valuable insight into the earning potential within this role.

Bolstering the Package:

It doesn’t stop there – beyond the base salary, Assistant Vice Presidents often enjoy additional cash compensation. The average extra cash in hand for these professionals amounts to £8,054. This supplementary income sweetens the deal, recognizing the value and expertise that Assistant Vice Presidents bring to their roles.

A Spectrum of Benefits:

Diving deeper into the numbers, the range of additional cash compensation varies from £4,147 on the lower end to an impressive £15,642 on the higher side. This diversity highlights the flexibility and adaptability of compensation packages, taking into account factors such as experience, industry, and individual performance.

Real Insights from Real Contributors:

These insights are not conjectures or estimations but are derived from the experiences of 1161 Assistant Vice Presidents who shared their compensation details anonymously on Glassdoor. This real-world data provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of the financial landscape for professionals in this role.


For those navigating the career path of an Assistant Vice President in the United Kingdom, understanding the compensation dynamics is a crucial aspect. With an average salary of £77,169 and an additional cash compensation ranging from £4,147 to £15,642, these professionals are not only contributing significantly to their organizations but are also reaping the rewards that reflect their expertise and dedication.

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