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Human Resources Managers’ Salary Structure In UK

In the dynamic realm of Human Resources (HR), the role of a Human Resources Manager is pivotal in fostering workplace harmony, talent development, and organizational success. As job seekers and professionals alike navigate the intricacies of career choices, understanding the compensation landscape becomes crucial. In this blog post, we explore the average salary and additional cash compensation for Human Resources Managers in the United Kingdom, shedding light on the financial aspects of this vital profession.

Average Annual Salary: £59,606

A key factor influencing career decisions is the financial reward that comes with a particular role. For Human Resources Managers in the United Kingdom, the average annual salary stands at an enticing £59,606. This figure reflects the monetary recognition bestowed upon professionals who steer the ship in the HR domain.

Additional Cash Compensation: £6,089 on Average

Beyond the base salary, many HR Managers enjoy additional cash compensation, adding a lucrative layer to their overall earnings. The average additional cash compensation for HR Managers in the United Kingdom is £6,089. This supplementary income recognizes the value these professionals bring to the table, going beyond their primary responsibilities to contribute to organizational success.

A Range of Opportunities: £3,092 – £11,990

Variability is a hallmark of the job market, and the additional cash compensation for HR Managers is no exception. Within this realm, professionals can anticipate a range of possibilities, with figures spanning from £3,092 to £11,990. This diversity underscores the nuanced nature of HR roles, where individual expertise, experience, and the organizational context play pivotal roles in determining compensation packages.

To derive these insights, we turned to a pool of 3,477 salaries submitted anonymously by Human Resources Managers in the United Kingdom. Anonymity in these submissions allows for a candid glimpse into the real-world compensation experiences of HR professionals, creating a valuable resource for those navigating their career paths.

As professionals explore career options and organizations seek to attract top talent, understanding the financial landscape is integral. The data presented here serves as a guide, providing transparency and insight into the compensation structure for Human Resources Managers in the United Kingdom.


What factors influence the salary structure of Human Resources Managers in the UK?

Several factors impact HR managers’ salaries, including industry, company size, geographic location, level of education, years of experience, and professional certifications.

Is there a typical salary range for Human Resources Managers in the UK?

Yes, the salary range for HR managers in the UK varies but typically falls between £30,000 to £70,000 per annum, depending on the factors mentioned earlier.

How does the level of education affect the salary of HR Managers?

Generally, HR managers with higher levels of education, such as a master’s degree or MBA, tend to command higher salaries due to their advanced knowledge and qualifications.

Do professional certifications impact HR Managers’ salaries?

Yes, certifications such as Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) accreditation can significantly impact an HR manager’s salary, as they demonstrate specialized expertise and competence in the field.

Are there regional differences in HR Managers’ salaries across the UK?

Yes, salaries can vary significantly depending on the region. For example, HR managers working in London or other major cities may earn higher salaries compared to those in rural areas due to differences in living costs and demand for HR professionals.


the world of Human Resources is not only about fostering a thriving workplace culture but also about reaping the rewards that come with steering the people-centric aspects of an organization. As HR professionals continue to shape the future of work, the compensation insights shared in this post aim to empower individuals and organizations alike in making informed decisions on the journey to success.

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