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Professor Salaries Structure In United Kingdom

Ever wondered about the financial landscape for professors in the United Kingdom? We’ve gathered insights from 718 anonymously submitted salaries to shed light on the average earnings and additional cash compensation for these esteemed educators.

Average Annual Salary:

In the realm of academia, the average annual salary for professors in the United Kingdom stands impressively at £93,965. This figure reflects the culmination of 718 salary submissions, offering a comprehensive overview of the compensation landscape for these dedicated professionals.

Additional Cash Compensation:

Beyond the base salary, professors in the United Kingdom often enjoy additional cash compensation. On average, this supplementary income amounts to £5,999 per year. The range, however, is diverse, spanning from £2,244 to £16,035. This variability underscores the nuanced nature of additional cash compensation, which can be influenced by factors such as experience, academic achievements, and institutional policies.

Insights from Anonymous Submissions:

Our data is sourced from 718 individuals who graciously shared their compensation details anonymously. This transparency allows us to provide a realistic and informative glimpse into the financial aspects of a professor’s career in the United Kingdom.


The financial landscape for professors in the United Kingdom is robust, with an average annual salary of £93,965. The additional cash compensation, ranging from £2,244 to £16,035, adds another layer of financial consideration. These figures, based on real submissions from professors across the country, serve as a valuable resource for those curious about the remuneration associated with this esteemed profession.

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