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Professors’ Salary Structure In United Kingdom

Ever wondered about the financial landscape for professors in the United Kingdom? We’ve gathered insights from 718 anonymously submitted salaries to shed light on the average earnings and additional cash compensation for these esteemed educators.

In the realm of academia, the average annual salary for professors in the United Kingdom stands impressively at £93,965. This figure reflects the culmination of 718 salary submissions, offering a comprehensive overview of the compensation landscape for these dedicated professionals.

Beyond the base salary, professors in the United Kingdom often enjoy additional cash compensation. On average, this supplementary income amounts to £5,999 per year. The range, however, is diverse, spanning from £2,244 to £16,035. This variability underscores the nuanced nature of additional cash compensation, which can be influenced by factors such as experience, academic achievements, and institutional policies.

Our data is sourced from 718 individuals who graciously shared their compensation details anonymously. This transparency allows us to provide a realistic and informative glimpse into the financial aspects of a professor’s career in the United Kingdom.


What factors influence a pharmacist’s salary in Canada?

Several factors impact a pharmacist’s salary in Canada, including their level of experience, geographic location, type of employer (such as retail pharmacy, hospital, or government), and additional qualifications or certifications.

Is there a significant salary difference between retail and hospital pharmacists in Canada?

Yes, typically, hospital pharmacists tend to earn slightly higher salaries compared to those working in retail settings. This is often due to the specialized skills and knowledge required for hospital pharmacy practice.

Do pharmacists in Canada receive additional compensation for working evening shifts, weekends, or holidays?

Yes, pharmacists may receive additional compensation, such as shift differentials or overtime pay, for working non-standard hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. The exact amount varies depending on the employer and collective bargaining agreements.

Are there opportunities for pharmacists in Canada to increase their earnings beyond their base salary?

Yes, pharmacists in Canada may have opportunities to increase their earnings through various means, such as pursuing advanced certifications or specializations, taking on managerial roles, participating in research projects, or even opening their own pharmacy.

How does the salary of a newly graduated pharmacist in Canada compare to that of an experienced pharmacist?

Generally, newly graduated pharmacists in Canada can expect lower salaries compared to their more experienced counterparts. As pharmacists gain experience, their earning potential tends to increase, reflecting their growing expertise and value to employers.


The financial landscape for professors in the United Kingdom is robust, with an average annual salary of £93,965. The additional cash compensation, ranging from £2,244 to £16,035, adds another layer of financial consideration. These figures, based on real submissions from professors across the country, serve as a valuable resource for those curious about the remuneration associated with this esteemed profession.

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