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ICPC SALARY STRUCTURE: Ranks And Salary In Nigeria

In the ongoing battle against corruption in Nigeria, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) stands as a formidable force. Established in 2000, this federal government agency has become a beacon of anti-corruption efforts in the country. In this blog post, we will delve into the hierarchical rank structure of the ICPC, exploring the roles, responsibilities, and salaries associated with each position in 2023.

ICPC Rank Structure:

The ICPC boasts a well-defined rank structure comprising 13 positions, ranging from Officer 1 to Chairman. These ranks are categorized into three levels, each reflecting a different stage of an officer’s career within the organization.

1. Entry-level Ranks (Level 5 to 8):

  • Officer 1: NGN53,000 salary – Entry-level officer
  • Officer 2: NGN54,500 salary – Entry-level officer
  • Officer 3: NGN56,000 salary – Entry-level officer

New recruits start their journey in the ICPC at these entry-level ranks, having recently graduated from the ICPC academy. These positions serve as the foundation for their future roles within the organization.

2. Mid-level Ranks (Level 9 to 11):

  • Senior Officer: NGN63,000 salary – Mid-level officer
  • Supervisory Officer: NGN70,500 salary – Mid-level officer

As officers gain experience, they progress to mid-level ranks, where they take on more responsibilities and contribute to the ICPC’s mission in combating corruption.

3. Senior-level Ranks (Level 12 to 13):

  • Chief Superintendent: NGN80,500 salary – Senior-level officer
  • Assistant Director: NGN92,000 salary – Senior-level officer
  • Director: NGN105,000 salary – Senior-level officer
  • Assistant Chairman: NGN120,500 salary

With a wealth of experience, senior-level officers play crucial roles in shaping the direction of the ICPC. The Assistant Chairman, positioned at the apex of the hierarchy, oversees significant aspects of the commission’s operations.


The ICPC’s commitment to eradicating corruption is reflected in its well-structured rank system. From entry-level officers to the esteemed Chairman, each role carries specific responsibilities and contributes to the overall success of the organization. As we navigate 2023, the ICPC stands tall as a beacon of integrity and dedication in the pursuit of a corruption-free Nigeria.

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