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Salary Structure of Nigeria’s National Space Research And Development Agency (NASRDA)

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) is Nigeria’s primary institution for space technology development and research. Established to foster space technology and application in Nigeria, NASRDA plays a crucial role in satellite development, space science, and related fields. Understanding the salary structure of NASRDA is essential for those aspiring to work in this prestigious organization or interested in its operational dynamics.

Overview of NASRDA

NASRDA, established in 1999, aims to make Nigeria a key player in space science and technology. It oversees satellite launches, space missions, and collaborates with international space agencies. The agency’s goals include the development of indigenous satellite technology, capacity building, and the promotion of space science education in Nigeria.

Salary Structure Framework

NASRDA’s salary structure is influenced by various factors including educational qualifications, years of experience, job grade, and specific roles within the agency. The salary framework is typically aligned with the public service salary scale but adjusted for the specialized nature of the work.

Entry-Level Salaries

For fresh graduates joining NASRDA, the starting salary is based on the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS). Entry-level positions usually fall within CONRAISS 7 to CONRAISS 9. Here is a breakdown:

  • CONRAISS 7: ₦1,073,217 – ₦1,639,013 per annum
  • CONRAISS 8: ₦1,247,854 – ₦1,905,162 per annum
  • CONRAISS 9: ₦1,392,777 – ₦2,109,589 per annum

Mid-Level Salaries

Mid-level positions, which typically require several years of experience, fall within CONRAISS 10 to CONRAISS 12. These positions might include senior research officers, technical specialists, and managerial roles.

  • CONRAISS 10: ₦1,843,928 – ₦2,786,490 per annum
  • CONRAISS 11: ₦2,060,911 – ₦3,084,647 per annum
  • CONRAISS 12: ₦2,232,199 – ₦3,459,833 per annum

Senior-Level Salaries

Senior-level roles, often involving significant responsibility and specialization, fall within CONRAISS 13 to CONRAISS 15. This category includes principal research officers, department heads, and senior managers.

  • CONRAISS 13: ₦2,528,943 – ₦3,934,009 per annum
  • CONRAISS 14: ₦2,877,064 – ₦4,463,000 per annum
  • CONRAISS 15: ₦3,363,134 – ₦5,106,201 per annum

Allowances and Benefits

In addition to the basic salary, NASRDA employees are entitled to various allowances and benefits, enhancing their overall compensation package.

Housing Allowance

Employees are provided with a housing allowance, which varies depending on their job grade and location. This allowance helps cover the cost of accommodation.

Transport Allowance

Transport allowance is provided to assist employees with commuting expenses. The amount varies according to job grade.

Medical Allowance

NASRDA offers a comprehensive medical allowance to cover healthcare costs for employees and their immediate families.

Research Allowance

Given the research-intensive nature of NASRDA’s work, employees may receive a research allowance to support their scientific endeavours.

Promotions and Career Growth

Career growth at NASRDA is based on a combination of factors including performance, research contributions, years of service, and additional qualifications. Promotions often lead to higher job grades and corresponding increases in salary.

FAQs about the NASRDA Salary Structure

What is the entry-level salary for fresh graduates at NASRDA?

The entry-level salary for fresh graduates at NASRDA typically ranges from ₦1,073,217 to ₦2,109,589 per annum, depending on the specific grade they are hired into.

Do NASRDA employees receive any special allowances?

Yes, NASRDA employees receive several allowances including housing, transport, medical, and research allowances, which supplement their basic salary.

How does NASRDA determine promotions and salary increments?

Promotions and salary increments at NASRDA are determined by performance evaluations, research contributions, years of service, and attainment of additional qualifications.

Is the NASRDA salary structure aligned with other public service organizations in Nigeria?

NASRDA’s salary structure is based on the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS), which is aligned with the broader public service salary scale but adjusted for the specialized nature of space research and development work.


NASRDA offers a structured and competitive salary framework designed to attract and retain talented professionals in the field of space science and technology. With various allowances and opportunities for career advancement, NASRDA ensures that its employees are well-compensated and motivated to contribute to Nigeria’s ambitions in space research and development.

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