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NSCDC Ranks 2023: Monthly Salary, And Positions

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) stands as a pivotal federal security agency in Nigeria, safeguarding lives, property, and contributing to the prevention and detection of crime. Established in 1963 as the National Security Organization (NSO), it underwent several transformations, culminating in its current form as the NSCDC in 2003, following a merger with the Federal Fire Service. In this article, we will delve into the NSCDC’s hierarchical rank structure in 2023, outlining the responsibilities, salaries, and positions associated with each rank.

NSCDC Ranks in 2023:

1. Assistant Cadre

  • Salary: NGN31,188
  • Position: Entry-level officer

2. Assistant Inspectorate Cadre

  • Salary: NGN34,288
  • Position: Entry-level officer

3. Inspectorate Cadre

  • Salary: NGN47,255
  • Position: Mid-level officer

4. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II

  • Salary: NGN82,249
  • Position: Mid-level officer

5. Assistant Superintendent Cadre I

  • Salary: NGN88,035
  • Position: Mid-level officer

6. Deputy Superintendent Cadre II

  • Salary: NGN95,295
  • Position: Mid-level officer

7. Superintendent Cadre

  • Salary: NGN104,337
  • Position: Senior-level officer

8. Chief Superintendent Cadre

  • Salary: NGN104,377
  • Position: Senior-level officer

9. Assistant Commander

  • Salary: NGN117,121
  • Position: Senior-level officer

10. Deputy Commander – Salary: NGN152,132 – Position: Senior-level officer

11. Chief Commander – Salary: NGN163,857 – Position: Senior-level officer

12. Assistant Commandant General – Salary: NGN205,380 – Position: Senior-level officer

Hierarchy Levels:

Level 3 to 6: Entry-level ranks for fresh NSCDC academy graduates.

Level 7 to 12: Mid-level ranks for officers with some experience.

Level 13 to 17: Senior-level ranks for officers with extensive NSCDC experience.


The NSCDC, with its 17 ranks, plays a crucial role in maintaining security and order in Nigeria. From the Assistant Cadre to the Commandant General, each rank carries specific responsibilities and duties. The salary structure reflects the commitment and experience of the officers, with increasing compensation at higher ranks. As we move forward, understanding the NSCDC’s organizational structure is essential for appreciating the dedication of these officers in safeguarding the nation’s well-being and security.

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