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INEC Salary Structure: See How Much INEC Staff Earns

Are you intrigued by the prospect of contributing to the democratic process and ensuring fair elections? Working with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) might be the opportunity you seek. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the history, official functions, ranks, and the salary structure of INEC, shedding light on what it takes to be a part of this pivotal organization.

About INEC:

Established in 1998, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) plays a crucial role in the democratic landscape of Nigeria. Tasked with conducting free and fair elections, counting votes, and regulating political parties, INEC is at the forefront of ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. The organization employs both regular and ad-hoc staff, with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members frequently joining as ad-hoc staff during election periods.

Official Functions of INEC:

INEC’s responsibilities encompass a range of crucial functions, including:

  1. Conducting and overseeing all elections, from President and Vice President to Governor and Deputy Governor, House of Representatives, and Members of the Senate.
  2. Registration and regulation of political parties to ensure compliance with governing rules.
  3. Voter education and awareness initiatives.
  4. Auditing and yearly examination of political parties’ accounts.

INEC Ranks:

INEC’s rank structure is based on qualifications and experience. Positions include:

  1. Director
  2. Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO)
  3. Assistant Presiding Officer
  4. Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager
  5. Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) Officer

INEC Salary Structure:

Salary at INEC is determined by rank, with qualifications influencing one’s position. The salary structure is as follows:

  • School Leavers (Grade Level 4): ₦376,194 to ₦497,000 annually
  • Diploma Certificate Holders (Grade Level 7): ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually
  • Graduates (Grade Level 8): ₦799,421 to ₦1,174,395 annually
  • Director (Grade Level 14): ₦1,503,149 to ₦2,101,600 annually

INEC Ad-hoc Staff Salary Structure:

For NYSC Corpers serving as Ad-hoc staff:

  • Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) (Grade 10-14): ₦1,060,833 to ₦2,101,600 annually
  • Presiding Officer (PO)/Assistant Presiding Officer (APO) (Grade 7): ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually
  • Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager (Grade 7): ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually
  • Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) Officer (Grade 7): ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually

Staff Benefits:

INEC staff enjoy various allowances and benefits, including:

  1. Transport allowance ranging from N1000 to N3000 per day.
  2. Accommodation benefits for high-ranking officials.
  3. Medical care to ensure staff are fit for electoral duties.
  4. Cooperative society for financial and asset pooling.
  5. Ongoing training opportunities to enhance staff effectiveness.
  6. Promotion based on performance and qualifications.
  7. Pension as part of the government-assisted pension scheme.


Working with INEC offers not only a competitive salary but also a plethora of benefits and opportunities for professional growth. The organization’s commitment to fair elections and staff welfare makes it an attractive choice for those looking to make a meaningful impact on Nigeria’s democratic process.

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