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Nigerian Police Salary Structure [year]: Police Monthly Salary

Ever wondered about the salary structure of Nigerian Police officers? In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) salary system, shedding light on the monthly earnings of officers based on their ranks. Read on to discover how the NPF compensates its dedicated personnel.

Overview of the Nigerian Police Force:

The Nigerian Police Force, a vital arm of the executive body, plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and reducing civil disorder. Despite the evolving nature of their designation, the police force remains committed to enforcing laws and ensuring the safety of the public.

Structural Hierarchy of the Nigerian Police Force:

The NPF maintains a well-organized structure, with officers categorized into commissioned and non-commissioned ranks. Commissioned officers hold higher ranks, while non-commissioned officers are positioned at junior levels. Distinctions within ranks may arise from honors or achievements, further emphasizing the diverse responsibilities within the force.

Commissioned Officers:

  1. Inspector-General of Police (I.G.)
  2. Deputy Inspector-General of Police (D.I.G.)
  3. Assistant Inspector-General of Police (A.I.G)
  4. Commissioner of Police
  5. Deputy Commissioner of Police
  6. Assistant Commissioner of Police
  7. Chief Superintendent of Police
  8. Superintendent of Police
  9. Deputy Superintendent of Police
  10. Assistant Superintendent of Police
  11. Inspector of Police

Non-commissioned Officers:

  1. Sergeant Major
  2. Sergeant
  3. Corporal
  4. Constable
  5. Recruit

NPF Salary Structure:

The salary structure is organized into grades, steps, and distinctions based on ranks. Here’s an overview of the monthly and annual salaries for different ranks within the Nigerian Police Force:

  1. Police Recruit:
    • Monthly Salary: ₦9,019.42
    • Annual Salary: ₦108,233
  2. Police Constable Grade Level 03:
    • Monthly Salary: ₦43,293.80
    • Annual Salary: ₦519,525.60



Being a police officer is a noble and honorable service to humanity. The Nigerian Police Force recognizes the dedication of its personnel through a structured salary system. This comprehensive guide provides insight into the salary structure, allowing a better understanding of the financial compensation for the crucial work carried out by officers. If you’re curious about specific earnings, you can use online tools like the salary calculator to estimate the income of a police officer. As with any profession, there are individuals who misuse their authority, but the majority of officers contribute positively to society, upholding the values of the Nigerian Police Force.

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