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FIRS Salary in Nigeria

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s financial landscape, diligently collecting taxes and ensuring tax regulations are upheld. With recent reforms, the agency has not only improved its ranking system but also enhanced the quality of its offices, providing its employees with an attractive salary structure and additional perks.

Working for FIRS comes with the promise of a competitive salary. The salary range for employees varies, starting at a minimum of ₦26,000 and reaching up to ₦517,000 per month. The average monthly income for FIRS employees stands at ₦271,500, with an expected median salary of ₦299,500.

FIRS employees not only enjoy a respectable salary but also receive various allowances and bonuses. These include a housing allowance, medical insurance covering free services at renowned hospitals, and the option to avail interest-free loans for vehicles or property. Additionally, employees are entitled to a pension, paid leave, performance bonuses, and opportunities for promotion through participation in training and development activities.

Salary Structure by Position

The salary structure within FIRS varies based on job positions, with differences noted between male and female employees. Here’s a glimpse of the salary structure for selected positions:

  1. Corps Member: ₦26,000 (Male) / ₦22,100 (Female)
  2. VAT Officer (Corper): ₦26,000 (Male) / ₦22,100 (Female)
  3. Youth Corper (Intern): ₦46,000 (Male) / ₦39,100 (Female)
  4. Accounting Clerk (Intern): ₦73,000 (Male) / ₦62,050 (Female)
  5. Accountant: ₦211,000 (Male) / ₦179,350 (Female)
  6. Human Resource Generalist: ₦517,000 (Male) / ₦439,450 (Female)

Despite progress, gender disparities persist within FIRS. The available data indicates that female employees receive salaries 15% lower than their male counterparts, reflecting the existing gender-based pay gap.

Educational qualifications also play a role in determining salaries within FIRS. The agency follows a policy of rewarding higher pay to individuals with advanced education levels, even if the job position requires a less rigorous academic background.

Responsibilities of FIRS Employees

FIRS employees shoulder significant responsibilities, including assessing taxes through auditing and reviewing tax returns, as well as actively collecting taxes from the general public.


What is the average salary range for employees at the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in Nigeria?

The average salary range for employees at the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in Nigeria varies based on position, experience, and qualifications. Generally, entry-level positions may start at around ₦100,000 to ₦150,000 per month, while more experienced professionals or managerial roles could earn significantly higher, ranging from ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 or more per month.

How is salary determined for employees at FIRS?

Salary determination at FIRS follows established government pay scales, which consider factors such as job classification, level of responsibility, years of experience, and educational qualifications. Additionally, there may be allowances and bonuses based on performance and other factors outlined in the civil service guidelines.

Are there opportunities for salary advancement and promotion within FIRS?

Yes, FIRS offers opportunities for salary advancement and promotion based on performance, tenure, and professional development. Employees who demonstrate exceptional skills, meet performance targets, and acquire additional qualifications may be considered for promotions to higher positions with corresponding salary increases.

What benefits are typically included in the compensation package for FIRS employees?

In addition to base salary, FIRS employees typically receive benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions, paid leave (including annual leave, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave), housing allowance, and transportation allowance. These benefits may vary based on job level and grade.

How often are salary payments made to FIRS employees?

Salary payments for FIRS employees are typically made on a monthly basis, in accordance with the Nigerian civil service pay schedule. Payments are usually deposited directly into employees’ bank accounts, with salary slips provided for transparency and record-keeping purposes.


Joining the Federal Inland Revenue Service not only provides a platform to contribute to Nigeria’s financial stability but also offers a competitive salary, attractive benefits, and opportunities for professional growth. Aspiring candidates should consider the agency’s commitment to ongoing reforms and the improved working conditions for its dedicated workforce.

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