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Doctors’ Salary In Nigeria Army (2024): How Are They Paid?

In Nigeria, doctors serving in the Nigerian Army occupy a crucial role in the military healthcare system. They provide essential medical care to soldiers and their families, often in challenging and diverse environments. Understanding how doctors are compensated within the Nigerian Army involves examining their salary structure, allowances, and additional benefits provided by the military.

Salary Structure of Doctors in Nigerian Army

Doctors in the Nigerian Army receive a structured salary that is influenced by their rank, years of service, and specific military allowances. The salary structure is organized to ensure equitable compensation based on qualifications and responsibilities. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Basic Salary: The basic salary forms the core of a doctor’s earnings in the Nigerian Army. It varies significantly based on rank, with higher ranks receiving more substantial basic pay.
  2. Allowances: Military personnel, including doctors, receive various allowances to supplement their basic salary. These allowances include:
    • Housing Allowance: Provided to cover accommodation expenses.
    • Transport Allowance: Given to facilitate movement.
    • Uniform Allowance: Allocated for the upkeep and maintenance of military uniforms.
    • Field Operation Allowance: Paid during periods of active duty or deployments.
    • Hardship Allowance: Given for service in challenging or remote areas.
    • Medical Allowance: Specific to medical officers, to cover professional expenses.
    • Risk Allowance: Provided for hazardous duties.
  3. Rank-based Differentiation: The salary also varies based on the officer’s rank, which ranges from Second Lieutenant (entry-level) to General (highest rank). Higher ranks naturally command higher salaries and allowances.

Additional Benefits

In addition to salary and allowances, doctors in the Nigerian Army enjoy several benefits:

  • Healthcare: Comprehensive medical care for themselves and their dependents.
  • Pension: Retirement benefits and pension plans.
  • Training and Development: Opportunities for professional development and further education.
  • Access to Military Facilities: Use of military recreational facilities and services.
  • Insurance Coverage: Life insurance and other forms of coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often are doctors in the Nigerian Army paid?

Doctors in the Nigerian Army are typically paid monthly. The salary is deposited directly into their designated bank accounts.

Are there opportunities for career advancement for doctors in the Nigerian Army?

Yes, doctors can advance through the ranks based on their performance, qualifications, and years of service. Promotions come with increased responsibilities and higher salaries.

Do doctors in the Nigerian Army receive additional allowances during deployments?

Yes, medical officers receive deployment allowances such as field operation allowance and hardship allowance when serving in challenging or remote areas.

What qualifications are required for a doctor to join the Nigerian Army?

Doctors interested in joining the Nigerian Army must possess a medical degree from a recognized institution and complete military training as required by the Army.

How does the salary of doctors in the Nigerian Army compare to civilian medical practitioners?

The salary and benefits package for doctors in the Nigerian Army are competitive and include various allowances not typically available to civilian practitioners. However, civilian salaries may vary based on location and specialization.


Doctors in the Nigerian Army play a critical role in maintaining the health and well-being of military personnel and their families. Their compensation package, which includes a structured salary, allowances, and additional benefits, reflects the unique demands and responsibilities of military service. Understanding these elements helps provide clarity on how doctors in the Nigerian Army are paid and supported throughout their careers in military healthcare.

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