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SON Salary Structure 2023: How Much Do Standards Organisation Of Nigeria Staffs Earn?

In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s economic development, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) stands as a crucial government agency, tasked with the responsibility of setting and upholding standards for goods and services. SON staff play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and safety of products in the market. In this guide, we delve into the various responsibilities of SON staff and shed light on the salary structure that rewards their dedication.

Responsibilities of SON Staff:

  1. Developing and Enforcing Standards: SON staff actively contribute to the development and enforcement of standards that govern a wide array of products and services. Their expertise is vital in maintaining the quality and safety of goods circulating in the Nigerian market.
  2. Testing and Inspecting Products: Rigorous testing and inspection are integral components of SON’s commitment to quality assurance. Staff members are at the forefront of these processes, ensuring that products meet the stipulated standards before reaching consumers.
  3. Certifying Products: The certification of products is a key function of SON staff. Through their meticulous evaluation, products are awarded the SON seal of approval, instilling confidence in consumers and fostering trust in the marketplace.
  4. Educating the Public About Standards: SON staff play an essential role in educating the public about the importance of adhering to established standards. This proactive approach contributes to raising awareness and fostering a culture of quality consciousness among consumers and businesses alike.

SON Salary Structure:

The salary structure for SON staff is designed to reward competence, experience, and qualifications. It consists of six levels, each corresponding to different roles within the organization.

  1. Level 1: Junior Staff
    • Salary Range: N63,000 – N75,000 per year
  2. Level 2: Mid-level Staff
    • Salary Range: N78,000 – N90,000 per year
  3. Level 3: Senior Staff
    • Salary Range: N93,000 – N105,000 per year
  4. Level 4: Executive Staff
    • Salary Range: N108,000 – N120,000 per year
  5. Level 5: Management Staff
    • Salary Range: N123,000 – N135,000 per year
  6. Level 6: Directorate Staff
    • Salary Range: N138,000 – N1,000,000 per year

In addition to the base salary, SON staff may be entitled to various allowances, including those for housing and transportation, enhancing the overall remuneration package.


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria continues to be a cornerstone in Nigeria’s journey towards economic growth and consumer protection. SON staff, through their diverse roles, contribute significantly to maintaining high standards in the market. The competitive salary structure serves as an incentive, recognizing the dedication and expertise of SON employees. As Nigeria progresses, SON remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, with its staff at the forefront of ensuring a safer and higher quality marketplace for all.

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