Skyline University, Kano Hostel Fees For Students

Skyline University Kano, a private institution in Nigeria, is renowned for its quality education and modern facilities. One of the key aspects contributing to a holistic student experience is the variety of hostel accommodations available on campus. In this article, we’ll delve into the hostel fees, accommodation types, and the advantages of living in a hostel at Skyline University Kano for the upcoming academic year.

Hostel Fees (2023/2024):

For the 2023/2024 academic year, Skyline University Kano offers affordable hostel options with fees ranging from N200,000 to N300,000 per year. The fees depend on the type of room and the number of occupants. It’s important to note that these fees cover accommodation only, and students should budget separately for other expenses like food, transportation, and textbooks.

Types of Hostel Accommodation:

  1. Shared Rooms: The most economical option where students share a room with one or more peers.
  2. Single Rooms: More expensive but provide students with their private space.
  3. Double Rooms: Designed for two occupants, offering a balance between affordability and privacy.
  4. Ensuite Rooms: The most expensive option, providing students with a private bathroom.

Benefits of Living in a Hostel:

  1. Convenience: Hostels on campus make it easy for students to attend classes and participate in activities.
  2. Community: Living in a hostel fosters connections with students from diverse backgrounds, encouraging friendships and cultural exchange.
  3. Safety: Hostels prioritize security, with measures in place to ensure a safe living environment for students.
  4. Support: Students in hostels have access to various support services, including academic assistance.


Q1: Can students choose their roommates in shared rooms? A1: Yes, students can request specific roommates when opting for shared accommodations.

Q2: Are hostel fees inclusive of meals? A2: No, hostel fees only cover accommodation. Students need to budget separately for meals.

Q3: How do I apply for hostel accommodation at Skyline University Kano? A3: Accommodation applications are usually part of the university’s admission process. Check the university website for specific instructions.


Choosing hostel accommodation at Skyline University Kano offers students not only a place to stay but also a vibrant community and a supportive environment. With affordable fees and various room options, living on campus enhances the overall university experience. Plan ahead, consider your preferences, and make the most of your academic journey at Skyline University Kano.

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