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How Much Do Models Earn in Nigeria?

In recent times, the modelling industry has gained immense popularity among young individuals in Nigeria, offering an exciting and potentially lucrative career path. Whether pursued on a part-time or full-time basis, modelling encompasses various types, each with its unique earning potential. This article aims to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the different modelling categories in Nigeria and shed light on the expected earnings in each.

Types of Modelling and Earnings

Runway Models

Runway modelling stands out as one of the most common and selective modelling lines in Nigeria. Typically reserved for individuals with specific height and stature, runway models showcase designer products during fashion events. On average, these models can earn between N20,000 and N80,000 per event, although rates may vary based on the modelling agency’s reputation.

Commercial Models

This category is among the highest paying in the modelling industry. Commercial models serve as brand ambassadors, featuring in product advertisements. Earnings for commercial models can range from N100,000 to an impressive N5 million per contract, depending on the company and product they represent.

Fashion Models (Editorial Models)

Fashion models, also known as editorial models, are featured in magazines, fashion blogs, and other editorial platforms. While specific height requirements exist, the stress level is lower compared to runway modelling. Earnings for fashion models typically range from N20,000 to N150,000 per feature, depending on the platform.

Glamour Models

Popular among university students and young women, glamour models are hired for their attractive appearance. They pose for photographs, appear in magazines, and sometimes serve as ushers at events. Earnings for glamour models vary, ranging from N5,000 to N60,000 per event based on the nature of the gathering.

Fitness Models

Fitness models, known for their physical fitness, are often employed by sportswear manufacturers and fitness equipment brands. While less common than other categories, these models can earn between N10,000 and N80,000 per shoot on average.

Top Modeling Agencies in Nigeria

For those aspiring to kickstart a modelling career in Nigeria, here are some top-rated modelling agencies:

  1. Exquisite Models International: Renowned for recruiting and training young models across various categories, Exquisite Models International has consistently ranked among the best in Nigeria.
  2. Y-Ray Models: A prominent name in the modelling world, Y-Ray Models is one of the largest agencies in Nigeria, covering a wide range of modelling categories.
  3. Beth Modelling Agency: Known for offering attractive pay in the industry, Beth Modelling Agency is among the top-paying agencies in Lagos, Nigeria.
  4. Wave Model Management: As one of the few international modelling agencies with headquarters in Italy, Wave Model Management has achieved success and recognition in the Nigerian modelling scene.


How much can models expect to earn in Nigeria?

Earnings for models in Nigeria vary widely depending on factors like experience, reputation, type of modelling, and the specific job. Generally, entry-level models might earn around ₦20,000 to ₦50,000 per job, while established models can earn substantially more, ranging from ₦100,000 to ₦500,000 or more for a single project.

What are some of the highest-paying modelling gigs in Nigeria?

Some of the highest-paying modelling gigs in Nigeria include runway shows for top designers, commercial advertisements for major brands, and exclusive contracts with renowned agencies. These opportunities often come with higher compensation due to the prestige and exposure they offer.

Do models in Nigeria earn a consistent income?

Model income in Nigeria can fluctuate depending on the availability of jobs, seasonal demand, and individual factors. While some months may be lucrative with multiple bookings, others might be slower. Consistent income often requires models to establish themselves, build a strong portfolio, and maintain good relationships within the industry.

Are there additional sources of income for models in Nigeria?

Yes, models in Nigeria can supplement their earnings through various avenues such as brand endorsements, event hosting, influencer partnerships on social media, and product promotions. Diversifying income streams can provide stability and increase overall earnings.

What factors influence the earnings of models in Nigeria?

Several factors influence the earnings of models in Nigeria, including their level of experience, professionalism, physical attributes, market demand, negotiation skills, and the prevailing economic conditions. Building a strong personal brand and investing in continuous self-improvement can also positively impact earning potential.


The modelling industry in Nigeria offers diverse opportunities for aspiring models, with each category providing a unique experience and earning potential. As the demand for models continues to rise, it is essential for individuals to explore reputable modelling agencies that align with their goals and aspirations. Whether strutting down the runway or gracing the pages of magazines, the world of modelling in Nigeria is ready to welcome those who are passionate and dedicated to making their mark.

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