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Equity Research Analyst Salaries Structure

In the dynamic world of finance, Equity Research Analysts play a pivotal role in analyzing market trends and providing valuable insights to investors. Ever wondered about the remuneration these professionals command in the United Kingdom? Let’s delve into the numbers and explore the average salary and additional cash compensation for Equity Research Analysts in the UK.

The Numbers:

According to data sourced from 303 anonymous salary submissions on Glassdoor, the average annual salary for Equity Research Analysts in the United Kingdom stands impressively at £103,472. This figure reflects the competitive nature of the finance industry in the region, where expertise is highly valued.

Additional Cash Compensation:

Beyond the base salary, many Equity Research Analysts enjoy additional cash compensation. The average figure for this bonus stands at £24,281, providing a noteworthy boost to the overall income package. It’s important to note that this extra cash injection varies, with a range spanning from £11,207 to £52,605. This variance highlights the diverse reward structures across different firms and sectors within the finance industry.

Behind the Numbers:

Understanding the factors influencing these compensation figures is crucial. The years of experience, industry expertise, and the specific employer all contribute to the wide range of salaries observed. Senior analysts with a wealth of experience may find themselves at the upper end of the spectrum, while those newer to the field might start at the lower range.

Industry Insights:

The finance sector is renowned for its competitive compensation packages, and Equity Research Analysts are no exception. As financial markets evolve, professionals who can provide accurate and insightful analyses are increasingly valuable. This demand is reflected in the robust salaries and additional compensation offered to these experts.


For those aspiring to or currently navigating the world of equity research in the United Kingdom, understanding the compensation landscape is vital. The reported average salary of £103,472, coupled with additional cash compensation ranging from £11,207 to £52,605, paints a picture of a lucrative and rewarding career path.

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