Salary Structure

Finance Manager Salaries Structure

Navigating the financial landscape requires skilled professionals, and Finance Managers play a crucial role in steering the fiscal ship. Ever wondered about the compensation these adept individuals receive in the United Kingdom? Let’s delve into the numbers and shed light on the average salary for Finance Managers.

The Numbers:

According to data gathered from 6317 anonymous salary submissions on Glassdoor, the average annual salary for Finance Managers in the United Kingdom stands at an impressive £65,717. This figure serves as a testament to the value placed on financial expertise in today’s dynamic business environment.

Additional Cash Compensation:

Beyond the base salary, Finance Managers in the UK also enjoy additional cash compensation. On average, this supplementary income amounts to £6,716. However, the range of additional cash compensation spans from £3,736 to £12,073, offering a glimpse into the variability in rewards based on individual and organizational factors.

Anonymous Insights:

Glassdoor’s platform provides a unique space for employees to anonymously share their salary information, contributing to a transparent view of compensation trends. The submitted data offers a collective voice, allowing individuals in the finance industry to make informed decisions about their career paths.

Factors Influencing Compensation:

Several factors contribute to the variability in Finance Manager compensation. Industry, experience, education, and the size of the organization all play a role in determining salary levels. Understanding these factors can empower finance professionals to strategically navigate their career trajectories.


In conclusion, Finance Managers in the United Kingdom command a respectable average salary of £65,717 per year, with additional cash compensation further enhancing their overall remuneration. The insights gleaned from anonymous submissions on Glassdoor provide valuable information for both aspiring and seasoned finance professionals, enabling them to make informed decisions in their career journeys.

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