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NDLEA Salary Structure And Ranks In Nigeria

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) stands at the forefront of Nigeria’s battle against narcotics and drugs. In a nation grappling with a staggering 14.3 million drug consumers, the NDLEA plays a pivotal role in curbing drug-related crimes. This paramilitary organization is tasked with cracking down on the sale, purchase, manufacturing, import, export, and trafficking of hard drugs. As an integral part of Nigeria’s law enforcement, understanding the NDLEA’s structure, salary system, and the responsibilities of its officers is crucial for those seeking to join or comprehend its operations.

NDLEA Salary Structure

The NDLEA’s salary structure is diverse and depends on factors such as rank, duties, and previous performance. The minimum monthly income for an NDLEA employee is ₦45,067, while the maximum pay can reach ₦425,906. The average monthly income stands at ₦235,486.5, including bonuses and allowances. The agency provides additional benefits such as health insurance, travel allowances, and housing allowances.

Ranks and Salaries

The NDLEA has a detailed hierarchy with corresponding monthly salaries based on the COMPASS grade. Here’s a glimpse of the salary structure:

  • COMPASS grade 1: ₦45,067
  • COMPASS grade 2: ₦46,320
  • COMPASS grade 3: ₦48,854
  • COMPASS grade 4: ₦51,645
  • COMPASS grade 5: ₦54,746
  • COMPASS grade 6: ₦90,456
  • COMPASS grade 7: ₦110,743
  • COMPASS grade 8: ₦143,023
  • COMPASS grade 9: ₦151,739
  • COMPASS grade 10: ₦205,673
  • COMPASS grade 11: ₦220,384
  • COMPASS grade 12: ₦236,578
  • COMPASS grade 13: ₦307,826
  • COMPASS grade 14: ₦353,238
  • COMPASS grade 15: ₦425,906
  • COMPASS grade 16: ₦425,906

Commissioned NDLEA Officers Ranking

Commissioned Officers are selected based on academic achievements and play critical roles in NDLEA’s operations. The highest rank, Commander General of Narcotics (CGN), is appointed by the President. Other positions include Deputy Commander General of Narcotics (DCGN), Assistant Commander General of Narcotics (ACGN), Commander of Narcotics (CN), and more.

Non-Commissioned NDLEA Officers

Non-commissioned officers are appointed based on qualifications and experience. They play a vital role in implementing the law and enforcing rules. Positions include Chief Narcotic Agent (CNA), Senior Narcotic Agent (SNA), Narcotic Agent (NA), and others.

Responsibilities of NDLEA Officers

NDLEA officers have multifaceted responsibilities:

  1. Public Awareness: Officers engage in public awareness campaigns, educating young people on the dangers of drug abuse through lectures and social media campaigns.
  2. Collaboration: NDLEA collaborates with various institutions, including the military and police, to track drug dealers and abusers. Spies are employed to monitor drug-related activities.
  3. Arresting Culprits: NDLEA officers arrest individuals involved in illegal drug sales and distribution, particularly targeting those providing drugs to underage consumers.
  4. Presenting Evidence: Officers are responsible for presenting evidence in court against drug offenders, ensuring they face legal consequences.
  5. Investigation: NDLEA officers conduct thorough investigations to gather evidence against drug criminals, contributing to successful prosecutions.


What is NDLEA?

NDLEA stands for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. It is a Nigerian government agency tasked with combating drug trafficking and abuse in the country.

What is the salary structure of NDLEA officers?

The salary structure of NDLEA officers varies depending on their rank and level of experience. Generally, salaries range from entry-level positions to higher ranks, with increments based on years of service and qualifications.

What are the ranks in NDLEA?

NDLEA has various ranks, including Narcotic Assistant, Narcotic Officer, Superintendent of Narcotics, Assistant Commander of Narcotics, Deputy Commander of Narcotics, Commander of Narcotics, Assistant State Commander, State Commander, Assistant Commander-General of Narcotics, Deputy Commander-General of Narcotics, and Commander-General of Narcotics.

How can one join NDLEA?

To join NDLEA, interested individuals can apply through the official recruitment process. Requirements usually include educational qualifications, physical fitness, and passing a series of tests and interviews. Recruitment opportunities are often advertised through official channels and media outlets.

Are there additional benefits besides salary for NDLEA officers?

Yes, NDLEA officers may receive additional benefits such as health insurance, housing allowances, transportation allowances, and other perks depending on their rank and service duration. These benefits are designed to support and incentivize officers in their crucial role of combating drug-related crimes in Nigeria.


As Nigeria contends with the complex issue of drug abuse, the NDLEA stands as a crucial line of defence. Its officers, equipped with a structured hierarchy, competitive salaries, and a commitment to public welfare, play a vital role in safeguarding the nation against the harmful effects of narcotics. Understanding the NDLEA’s structure and the responsibilities of its officers sheds light on the agency’s dedication to creating a drug-free society.

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