Lens Polytechnic, Offa School Fees

If you’re thinking about studying at Lens Polytechnic, Offa in Kwara State, Nigeria, it’s crucial to understand the school fees for the upcoming academic year. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the fees, payment procedures, and deadlines.

Breakdown of School Fees

The school fees at Lens Polytechnic, Offa consist of two main parts: tuition fees and administrative charges. The tuition fees vary based on whether you’re a local student (indigene) or from outside the area (non-indigene), and also depending on your program of study (National Diploma or Higher National Diploma).

Here’s a breakdown of the tuition fees for both ND and HND students:

  • National Diploma (ND)
    • Indigene: ₦70,000
    • Non-Indigene: ₦100,000
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
    • Indigene: ₦70,000
    • Non-Indigene: ₦100,000

Additionally, there are administrative charges that all students need to pay.

These charges cover various services and facilities provided by the institution:

  • Acceptance Fee: ₦10,000
  • Sports/Games: ₦2,000
  • Examination Fee: ₦3,000
  • Medical Services: ₦5,000
  • Library Services: ₦1,000
  • Student Affairs Charges: ₦1,000
  • Hostel Accommodation Fee (Optional): ₦25,000

Payment Procedures and Deadlines

You can pay the school fees at Lens Polytechnic, Offa either in full or in installments. For installment payments, you’ll need to make an initial deposit of at least 50% of the total fees. The remaining balance must be paid before the start of the semester.

The deadlines for fee payments vary depending on the semester:

  • For the first semester, payment is due two weeks before the semester begins.
  • For the second semester, payment is due within two weeks after the semester starts.

It’s important to note that failure to pay the fees on time may result in consequences such as being unable to sit for exams or access certain facilities.


1. Can I pay my school fees in installments?

  • Yes, you can pay in installments, but you must pay at least 50% upfront.

2. Are hostel accommodations mandatory?

  • No, hostel accommodations are optional.

3. What happens if I miss the fee payment deadline?

  • Missing the deadline may lead to consequences like exam restrictions.

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