List Of Courses In Federal College Of Education, Obudu

Are you considering pursuing your higher education at the Federal College of Education, Obudu (FCOE Obudu) in Cross River State, Nigeria? Discover the diverse range of undergraduate programs available and the admission requirements in this comprehensive guide.

List of Courses Offered at FCOE Obudu:

Faculty of Education:

  1. Bachelor of Education in Educational Administration and Planning (B.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning)
  2. Bachelor of Education in Guidance and Counseling (B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling)
  3. Bachelor of Education in Measurement and Evaluation (B.Ed. Measurement and Evaluation)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:

4. Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A. (Ed.))

  1. Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education (B.A. (Ed.) English)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in French Language Education (B.A. (Ed.) French)
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education (B.A. (Ed.) Social Studies)

Faculty of Natural Sciences:

8. Bachelor of Education in Biology Education (B.Ed. Biology)

  1. Bachelor of Education in Chemistry Education (B.Ed. Chemistry)
  2. Bachelor of Education in Mathematics Education (B.Ed. Mathematics)
  3. Bachelor of Education in Physics Education (B.Ed. Physics)

Faculty of Science and Technology:

12. Bachelor of Education in Agricultural Science Education (B.Ed. Agricultural Science)

  1. Bachelor of Education in Business Education (B.Ed. Business Education)
  2. Bachelor of Education in Computer Education (B.Ed. Computer Education)
  3. Bachelor of Education in Fine and Applied Arts Education (B.Ed. Fine and Applied Arts)
  4. Bachelor of Education in Home Economics Education (B.Ed. Home Economics)
  5. Bachelor of Education in Library and Information Science Education (B.Ed. Library and Information Science)
  6. Bachelor of Education in Physical and Health Education (B.Ed. Physical and Health Education)

Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education:

19. Bachelor of Education in Automobile Engineering Education (B.Ed. Automobile Engineering)

  1. Bachelor of Education in Building Technology Education (B.Ed. Building Technology)
  2. Bachelor of Education in Electrical/Electronics Engineering Education (B.Ed. Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
  3. Bachelor of Education in Mechanical Engineering Education (B.Ed. Mechanical Engineering)

Admission Requirements:

To secure admission into any undergraduate program at FCOE Obudu, you need:

  • At least five credits in relevant subjects in WASSCE or NECO SSCE.
  • Pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) with a minimum score of 140 points.

Make Your Educational Dreams a Reality at FCOE Obudu:

Embark on your educational journey by exploring the diverse courses offered at FCOE Obudu. Ensure you meet the admission requirements and take the first step toward a rewarding academic experience.


  1. What are the admission requirements for FCOE Obudu?
    • You need at least five credits in relevant subjects in WASSCE or NECO SSCE, and a minimum UTME score of 140 points.
  2. How many faculties does FCOE Obudu have?
    • FCOE Obudu has five faculties offering a variety of education and technical programs.
  3. Can I apply for multiple courses during admission?
    • Yes, you can apply for multiple courses, but ensure you meet the specific requirements for each program.

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