List Of Courses In Imperial University Kano

Imperial University Kano stands out as a leading private institution in Nigeria, offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In this article, we’ll delve into the extensive list of courses, admission requirements, and the unique benefits of choosing Imperial University Kano for your academic journey.

List of Courses Offered:

Undergraduate Courses:

  1. Accounting
  2. Architecture
  3. Business Administration
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. English Language
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Estate Management
  10. Film and Television Production
  11. Finance
  12. Food Science and Technology
  13. Geology
  14. Human Resources Management
  15. Information and Communication Technology
  16. International Relations
  17. Islamic Studies
  18. Law
  19. Library and Information Science
  20. Marketing
  21. Mass Communication
  22. Mathematics
  23. Microbiology
  24. Nursing
  25. Petroleum Engineering
  26. Pharmacy
  27. Physiology
  28. Political Science
  29. Psychology
  30. Public Administration
  31. Public Health
  32. Quantity Surveying
  33. Social Work
  34. Software Engineering
  35. Statistics
  36. Surveying and Geo-informatics
  37. Taxation
  38. Tourism and Hospitality Management

Postgraduate Courses:

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Architecture
  3. Business Administration
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  8. English Language
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Estate Management
  11. Film and Television Production
  12. Finance
  13. Food Science and Technology
  14. Geology
  15. Human Resources Management
  16. Information and Communication Technology
  17. International Relations
  18. Islamic Studies
  19. Law
  20. Library and Information Science
  21. Marketing
  22. Mass Communication
  23. Mathematics
  24. Microbiology
  25. Nursing
  26. Petroleum Engineering
  27. Pharmacy
  28. Physiology
  29. Political Science
  30. Psychology
  31. Public Administration
  32. Public Health
  33. Quantity Surveying
  34. Social Work
  35. Software Engineering
  36. Statistics
  37. Surveying and Geo-informatics
  38. Taxation
  39. Tourism and Hospitality Management

Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements vary for each course at Imperial University Kano. Generally, applicants need a minimum of five O’level credits, including English Language and Mathematics. Some courses may require candidates to take a post-UTME examination. Specific requirements can be obtained from the university’s official website or admission office.

Benefits of Studying at Imperial University Kano:

  1. High-Quality Education: Imperial University Kano is renowned for providing top-notch education. The institution boasts experienced faculty members and well-equipped facilities, including modern laboratories and classrooms, ensuring a high standard of education.
  2. Small Class Sizes: Enjoying smaller class sizes, students at Imperial University Kano receive personalized attention from professors. This fosters a more engaging and interactive learning environment.
  3. Modern Facilities: The university invests in modern facilities, such as state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, and libraries. These contribute to a conducive atmosphere for effective learning.
  4. Diverse Student Body: Imperial University Kano embraces diversity, welcoming students from various regions, creating an enriching experience. Interacting with peers from different backgrounds provides valuable cultural exchange and learning opportunities.


Q1: What are the general admission requirements for Imperial University Kano? A1: Most courses require a minimum of five O’level credits, including English Language and Mathematics. Some courses may involve a post-UTME examination. Specific requirements can be found on the university’s official website.

Q2: How does Imperial University Kano ensure quality education? A2: The university maintains high-quality education through experienced faculty members and modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories and classrooms.

Q3: Is there accommodation available for students? A3: Imperial University Kano typically provides accommodation options for students. Details can be obtained through the university’s accommodation services.

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