Yabatech School Fees For ND Students

Yaba College of Technology, popularly known as Yabatech, is one of Nigeria’s premier polytechnics, offering a range of National Diploma (ND) programs across various disciplines. Understanding the fee structure is crucial for prospective and current students, as it helps in planning and budgeting for the academic journey. This guide provides a detailed breakdown of the school fees for ND students at Yabatech, covering different categories and important aspects of the fee payment process.

About Yabatech’s Fee Structure

Yabatech’s fee structure for ND students is designed to be affordable while maintaining the institution’s high educational standards. The fees cover various components, including tuition, registration, examination, and other administrative costs. The exact amount may vary depending on the student’s course of study and whether they are full-time or part-time students.

Breakdown of School Fees in Yabatech

The fees for ND programs at Yabatech are divided into several categories, each with specific costs associated with different services and facilities.

a. Tuition Fees

  • Full-time ND Students: Approximately ₦50,000 – ₦60,000 per academic session.
  • Part-time ND Students: Approximately ₦70,000 – ₦80,000 per academic session.

b. Acceptance Fee

  • All newly admitted ND students are required to pay an acceptance fee of ₦20,000. This fee confirms their admission into the institution.

c. Departmental and Faculty Fees

  • Departmental fees vary by faculty and department, typically ranging from ₦5,000 to ₦15,000.

d. Examination and Registration Fees

  • Examination fees: ₦5,000.
  • Registration fees: ₦2,000.

e. Miscellaneous Fees

  • Library fee: ₦3,000.
  • ICT fee: ₦5,000.
  • Medical fee: ₦2,500.
  • Sports fee: ₦2,000.
  • SUG (Student Union Government) fee: ₦1,000.

Payment Procedure

Yabatech has streamlined the payment process to ensure it is straightforward and accessible for all students.

Step-by-Step Payment Guide:

  1. Log In: Access the Yabatech student portal using your student ID and password.
  2. Generate RRR: Generate a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number for the payment.
  3. Payment: Make the payment via any bank or online using the RRR number.
  4. Confirmation: After payment, return to the portal to confirm and print your payment receipt.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Yabatech offers various financial aid options and scholarships to help students manage their fees. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, and external scholarships from governmental and non-governmental organizations. Students are encouraged to apply for these opportunities to alleviate financial burdens.

FAQs About Yabatech School Fees

Can the acceptance fee be paid in instalments?

No, the acceptance fee of ₦20,000 must be paid in full to secure your admission.

Are there penalties for late payment of school fees?

Yes, late payment of school fees attracts penalties. It is advisable to pay within the stipulated period to avoid additional charges.

Can I pay my school fees online?

Yes, Yabatech provides an online payment option through the student portal. You can pay using the generated RRR number via any bank or online payment gateway.

Are there any additional fees for laboratory or studio courses?

Yes, certain courses that require laboratory or studio sessions may have additional fees. These fees vary depending on the specific requirements of the course and department.

Understanding the fee structure and payment procedures at Yabatech is essential for a smooth academic experience. Prospective and current students should regularly check the official Yabatech website or contact the bursary department for any updates or changes in the fee schedule.

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