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Nigerian Air Force Ranks And Salary Structure (Updated)

Exploring the intricacies of the Nigerian Air Force, its history, and its vital role in the country’s military, we dive into the ranks and salary structure of its personnel. In this comprehensive guide, we shed light on the various positions within the Nigerian Air Force and the corresponding salaries, providing a detailed breakdown for both Non-Commissioned Officers and Commissioned Officers.

The Nigerian Air Force: A Brief Overview

Established in 1961 after participating in peacekeeping missions, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) plays a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s airspace and supporting ground troops. Over the years, the NAF has evolved, actively participating in peacekeeping missions both within Africa and beyond.

Aims and Objectives of the Nigerian Air Force

The primary objectives of the Nigerian Air Force include maintaining national prestige, providing support to ground troops and seaborne forces, protecting the country’s territories, ensuring swift mobilization of armed forces, and collaborating with other military forces such as the Army, Navy, and police.

The NAF’s journey began in 1962 with ten soldiers trained by the Ethiopian Air Force. Subsequent collaborations with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the German Air Force contributed to the NAF’s growth. The force played a pivotal role in the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) and has since achieved numerous successes in various peacekeeping missions.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure

Non-Commissioned Officers

  1. Trainee: N10,237 monthly
  2. Aircraftman/woman: N53,892 monthly
  3. Lance Corporal: N55,832 monthly
  4. Corporal: N58,634 monthly
  5. Sergeant: N69,261 monthly
  6. Flight Sergeant: N87,119 monthly
  7. Warrant Officer: N101,974 monthly
  8. Master Warrant Officer: N165,697 monthly
  9. Cadet (Trainee): N44,564 monthly
  10. Air Warrant Officer: N171,793 monthly

Commissioned Officers

  1. Pilot Officer: N187,159 monthly
  2. Flying Officer: N218,400 monthly
  3. Flight Lieutenant: N232,484 monthly
  4. Squadron Leader: N248,004 monthly
  5. Wing Commander: N342,586 monthly
  6. Group Captain: N352,631 monthly
  7. Air Commodore: N677,895 monthly
  8. Air Vice-Marshal: N1,376,343 monthly
  9. Air Marshal: N1,486,451 monthly
  10. Air Chief Marshal: N1,724,283 monthly


What are the ranks in the Nigerian Air Force?

The Nigerian Air Force ranks are divided into two main categories: commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. Commissioned officer ranks range from Pilot Officer to Air Marshal, while non-commissioned officer ranks range from Aircraftman to Warrant Officer.

How does the salary structure of the Nigerian Air Force work?

The salary structure of the Nigerian Air Force is based on rank and years of service. Higher ranks receive higher salaries, and allowances such as hazard pay, uniform maintenance, and housing are also included in the compensation package.

What is the starting salary for a Pilot Officer in the Nigerian Air Force?

As of the latest update, a Pilot Officer, which is the entry-level rank for commissioned officers, earns approximately ₦187,000 per month. This amount can increase with additional allowances and years of service.

How much does an Air Marshal in the Nigerian Air Force earn?

An Air Marshal, one of the highest ranks in the Nigerian Air Force, earns a substantial salary that can be over ₦1.5 million per month, including various allowances. This reflects their extensive experience and high level of responsibility.

Are there additional benefits for Nigerian Air Force personnel besides the basic salary?

Yes, personnel in the Nigerian Air Force receive various benefits in addition to their basic salary. These include housing allowances, medical care, travel allowances, and pension schemes, which contribute to the overall compensation package and support the well-being of the service members.


As we unveil the Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure, it is evident that the compensation varies based on rank. This breakdown not only provides insight into the financial rewards associated with serving in the NAF but also recognizes the commitment and dedication of its personnel. The Nigerian Air Force continues to stand as a pillar of strength in safeguarding the nation’s interests and contributing to peacekeeping efforts globally.

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