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How Much Do Google Apprentices Get Paid?

If you’ve ever wondered about the salary structure of Google Apprentices, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Google’s apprenticeship programs, shedding light on what it involves, the application requirements, and, of course, the burning question—how much do Google apprentices get paid?

Understanding Google Apprenticeship

Google’s apprenticeship program is a transformative journey for qualified students seeking to acquire valuable digital skills without the necessity of a graduate degree. This program offers a unique opportunity to learn through on-the-job training, paving the way for a successful career launch. By the end of the apprenticeship, participants gain the technical expertise necessary to thrive in their chosen field, making it a stepping stone to future success.

The duration of a Google internship varies, ranging from 12 to 36 months, depending on the specific training program.

Google Apprenticeship Programs

Google offers diverse apprenticeship programs catering to various fields. Some noteworthy programs include:

  1. Infrastructure Tech Apprenticeship: A 15-18 month program conducted online in partnership with Infrastructure Tech, based in London.
  2. Google France Apprenticeship Program: Offering apprenticeships in fields like public relations, engineering, human resources, and international business, with applications typically opening in March. The location for this program is Paris.
  3. Application Development Apprenticeship: A 4-year training program in collaboration with NOSAR, focusing on high-paying skills like app development. Applications usually begin in August, and the program takes place in Zurich.
  4. High-Level Degree In Software Development: A two-year program in London for those passionate about software development.
  5. Software Development Apprenticeship: A two-year NFQ level 6 advanced certificate program.

And many more, including Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, and User Experience Internship.

Google Apprenticeship Requirements

To apply for any Google apprenticeship program, you need to meet specific requirements:

  1. Proficiency in English (reading, writing, and clear communication).
  2. Strong academic qualifications related to your field of study.
  3. Latest transcript or aptitude test, depending on the track and location.
  4. Documents like a well-organized resume and a cover letter expressing your interest in the Google apprenticeship.

International students and university graduates can also apply, provided they have the right to work in the country where they are applying.

How Much Do Google Apprentices Get Paid?

The burning question: What’s the compensation for Google apprentices? The answer varies based on location, field, level, and role. On average, Google apprentices may earn up to $60,000 annually, with monthly earnings ranging from $5,678. In the United States, most apprentices receive $16.58 per hour, although this figure can vary based on factors such as location.

It’s important to note that along with competitive stipends, Google apprentices enjoy additional benefits and privileges.


How much do Google apprentices typically earn?

Google apprentices can expect to earn between $60,000 and $80,000 per year, depending on their role and location. The exact amount can vary based on the specific apprenticeship program and the geographic location of the job.

Are Google apprentices paid hourly or salaried?

Most Google apprentices are paid on a salaried basis. This means they receive a fixed annual salary, which is typically paid out biweekly or monthly, rather than an hourly wage.

Do Google apprentices receive benefits in addition to their salary?

Yes, Google apprentices generally receive a range of benefits in addition to their salary. These benefits can include health insurance, paid time off, and access to various wellness programs, similar to those offered to full-time employees.

Is there a difference in pay between technical and non-technical apprenticeships at Google?

There can be differences in pay between technical and non-technical apprenticeships at Google. Technical roles, such as those in software engineering or IT support, might offer higher salaries compared to non-technical roles due to the specialized skills required.

How does the pay for Google apprentices compare to other tech companies?

Google apprenticeship pay is generally competitive with other leading tech companies. While the exact figures can vary, Google is known for offering attractive compensation packages to ensure they attract top talent, including apprentices.


Securing a Google apprenticeship is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s a crucial step toward building a rewarding career with high-income skills. While not everyone may make it through the competitive selection process, applying for a Google apprenticeship is a strategic move to invest in your professional growth and receive well-deserved compensation.

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