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New Salary Table For Teachers In Nigeria 2023

In a groundbreaking move, the Federal Government of Nigeria has unveiled a new salary table for teachers in 2023. This development marks a significant increase over the previous salary structure, aiming to enhance the welfare of educators across the country. The comprehensive salary table is structured into 17 steps, each corresponding to different levels of education and experience.

Salary Details:

The new salary table reflects a promising change for teachers, with a starting salary of N150,000 per month for educators with a Bachelor’s degree. At the pinnacle of academic achievement, teachers with a doctorate degree can expect a maximum monthly salary of N300,000. This revision is expected to have a positive impact on the financial well-being of teachers, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future.

Additional Allowances:

In addition to the revamped salary structure, teachers in Nigeria will continue to receive various allowances. These include housing allowance, transport allowance, and medical allowance, providing further support for educators and recognizing the diverse challenges they face.

Debate Over the New Salary Table:

The announcement of the new salary table has sparked a lively debate within the community. Some argue that the increase is insufficient, considering the high cost of living in Nigeria. Conversely, others express concerns that the raise might strain the government’s finances. Evaluating the adequacy of the new salary table involves considering several factors, such as living costs, educational requirements, and the societal importance of teaching.

Is the New Salary Table Enough?

Determining whether the new salary table is sufficient is a nuanced task. The answer hinges on factors like the cost of living, the qualifications and experience demanded for teaching positions, and the intrinsic value of educators’ contributions. Despite this complexity, it is evident that the revised salary structure represents a considerable improvement over its predecessor, signifying a positive step toward enhancing the well-being of Nigeria’s teaching community.


The unveiling of Nigeria’s new teacher salary table in 2023 is a commendable development. It not only acknowledges the vital role teachers play in society but also signifies a positive stride toward prioritizing education. While the debate on the adequacy of the salary increase persists, the overarching sentiment is one of optimism — a recognition that investing in educators is an investment in the nation’s future prosperity and educational excellence.

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