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KPMG Salary Structure In Nigeria

KPMG, a global leader in professional services, has established itself as a prestigious auditing and accounting firm in Nigeria since 1978. With its headquarters in the Netherlands and a strong global presence, KPMG offers a conducive environment for career growth and development. This blog post delves into the comprehensive salary structure at KPMG Nigeria, highlighting the remuneration across various positions within the organization.

KPMG Salary Structure

  1. Interns:
    • Monthly Salary: N37,500
  2. Analyst:
    • Monthly Salary: N120,667
  3. Senior Analyst:
    • Annual Salary: N2.14 million to N2.64 million
    • Monthly Salary: N180,000 to N216,000
  4. Audit Associate:
    • Monthly Salary: N144,000 to N157,000
    • Annual Salary: N2.16 million to N2.36 million
  5. Trainee IT Consultant:
    • Annual Salary: N2.42 million to N2.58 million
  6. Audit Senior Associate:
    • Monthly Salary: N241,000 to N259,000
    • Annual Salary: N3.07 million to N3.37 million
  7. Semi Senior Associate:
    • Annual Salary: N3.36 million to N3.63 million
  8. Advisory Associate:
    • Annual Salary: N3.85 million to N4.17 million
  9. Advisory Senior Associate:
    • Annual Salary: N5.48 million to N5.99 million
  10. Senior Associate:
    • Annual Salary: N5.59 million to N7.77 million
  11. Manager:
    • Annual Salary: N12.6 million to N13.6 million

Benefits of Working With KPMG in Nigeria

  • Graduate trainees enjoy competitive starting salaries and additional perks.
  • Rewards include staff discounts, cash for student loans, off-work birthdays, and preferential banking.

How to Apply for Jobs in KPMG

  1. Apply early, usually around July, with assessments taking place between October and December.
  2. Ensure accuracy in the application form to avoid withdrawal of offers during the certificate verification process.
  3. Be authentic during the online assessment, aligning strengths with the applied roles.
  4. Research the business or area of interest, showcasing passion for a higher chance of success.


What is the average starting salary for a graduate entry-level position at KPMG Nigeria?

The average starting salary for a graduate entry-level position at KPMG Nigeria typically ranges from ₦150,000 to ₦200,000 per month. This can vary slightly depending on the department and specific role within the firm.

How does KPMG Nigeria’s salary structure for experienced hires compare to entry-level salaries?

For experienced hires, salaries at KPMG Nigeria are significantly higher than for entry-level positions. Depending on the level of experience and the specific role, experienced professionals can expect to earn between ₦300,000 and ₦1,000,000 per month. Senior roles and specialized positions may command even higher salaries.

Are there additional benefits and bonuses included in KPMG Nigeria’s compensation packages?

Yes, KPMG Nigeria offers additional benefits and bonuses as part of their compensation packages. These can include health insurance, performance bonuses, professional development opportunities, and sometimes allowances for transportation and housing, depending on the role and level within the company.

How does KPMG Nigeria ensure competitive salaries within the industry?

KPMG Nigeria conducts regular benchmarking against other leading firms in the industry to ensure their salaries remain competitive. They also review their compensation packages annually to align with market trends and economic conditions, ensuring that they attract and retain top talent.

What is the salary progression like for an employee at KPMG Nigeria?

Salary progression at KPMG Nigeria is typically based on performance, experience, and promotion through the ranks. Employees can expect regular salary reviews and increases as they advance from entry-level positions to higher roles such as Senior Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, and eventually to Director and Partner levels. Each promotion is usually accompanied by a significant salary increment.


KPMG stands out as an organization that generously compensates its employees, offering a platform for career growth. With undergraduate and graduate recruitment programs, KPMG provides opportunities for individuals to intern and gain valuable insights into the realms of auditing and tax advice. As one of the premier accounting firms, KPMG not only values its employees but also contributes to the professional development of aspiring students and future industry leaders.

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