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Current Nigerian Army Salary Structure And Ranks

The Nigerian Army stands as a formidable force with a rich history and a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty. In this comprehensive report, we delve into the historical roots, functions, and the intricate rank system of the Nigerian Army. Furthermore, we shed light on the salary structure, acknowledging the sacrifices made by these gallant men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting the nation.

History and Functions of The Nigerian Army

Originally named the Royal West African Frontier Force, the Nigerian Army was established in 1990 with personnel trained by British colonials during World War II. The primary functions of this esteemed force include maintaining territorial integrity, securing borders on land, air, and sea, defending the country from external aggression, suppressing internal insecurities, and aiding civil authorities in restoring and maintaining order.

Ranks in The Nigerian Armed Force

Similar to the police force, ranks in the Nigerian Armed Forces hold significant importance. The Army, Navy, and Air Force all follow a deeply entrenched rank system. Officers in the Nigerian Army fall into two broad categories: Commissioned and Non-Commissioned officers. The former includes senior ranks, while the latter comprises junior officers. Noteworthy formations in the Nigerian Army include the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 81st, 82nd, and the recently formed 7th Division.

Commissioned Officers of the Nigerian Army

Commissioned officers boast 11 ranks, ranging from Second Lieutenant to Field Marshal. The hierarchy includes Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, and the prestigious yet-to-be-attained Field Marshal.

Non-Commissioned Officers in The Nigerian Army

Non-Commissioned officers, comprising the junior ranks, have 8 classifications. These include Recruit, Private, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Warrant Officer, and Master Warrant Officer.

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army

Recognizing the risks and sacrifices made by Nigerian Army officers, it is only fitting that they receive competitive compensation. The salary structure varies based on rank, with Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers having distinct pay scales.

Salaries of Commissioned Officers

  1. Second Lieutenant – N120,000
  2. First Lieutenant – N180,000
  3. Captain – N220,000
  4. Major -N300,000
  5. Lieutenant Colonel – N350,000
  6. Colonel – N550,000
  7. Brigadier – N750,000
  8. Major General – N950,000
  9. Lieutenant General – N1,000,000
  10. General – N1,500,000
  11. Field Marshal – Yet to be attained

Salaries of Non-Commissioned Officers

  1. Private – N49,000
  2. Lance Corporal -N55,000
  3. Corporal – N58,000
  4. Sergeant – N63,000


What is the starting salary for a Private in the Nigerian Army?

The starting salary for a Private in the Nigerian Army is approximately ₦49,000 per month. This is the entry-level rank for enlisted personnel, and salaries can vary slightly depending on allowances and other factors.

How much does a Second Lieutenant earn in the Nigerian Army?

A Second Lieutenant, which is the entry-level rank for commissioned officers, earns around ₦120,000 per month. This salary includes the basic pay and certain allowances provided to officers in this rank.

What are the differences in salary between a Lieutenant and a Captain in the Nigerian Army?

A Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army earns about ₦180,000 per month, while a Captain earns around ₦220,000 per month. The increase in salary reflects the higher responsibilities and greater experience required for the rank of Captain.

What is the monthly salary for a Major in the Nigerian Army?

A Major in the Nigerian Army receives a monthly salary of approximately ₦300,000. This salary is indicative of the rank’s position as a senior officer, responsible for significant leadership and operational duties.

How much does a General earn in the Nigerian Army?

A General in the Nigerian Army earns a monthly salary of about ₦1.5 million. This is the highest rank in the Nigerian Army, and the salary reflects the extensive experience, leadership responsibilities, and strategic roles associated with this position.


the Nigerian Army’s rich history, vital functions, and intricate rank system underscore the commitment of its personnel to safeguarding the nation. The disclosed salary structure reflects a recognition of the sacrifices made by these brave men and women in their pursuit of duty and national security.

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