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CONPSS Salary Structure 2023: Civil Servants In Nigeria

In a landmark move, the federal government of Nigeria has unveiled the revised Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS) for 2023. This salary structure, consisting of 17 grade levels, has undergone substantial improvements, transforming civil service careers into more lucrative and attractive options. Let’s delve into the key changes and the plethora of benefits that come with the new CONPSS salary structure.

Key Changes in the CONPSS Salary Structure 2023:

  1. Minimum Salary Increase: The minimum salary for civil servants has experienced a significant boost, rising from ₦30,000 to ₦50,000 per month. This uplift promises a more financially secure foundation for those in the public service.
  2. Maximum Salary Upgrade: The maximum salary for civil servants has also seen a noteworthy increase, soaring from ₦150,000 to ₦250,000 per month. This adjustment aims to reward experience and dedication within the civil service.
  3. Enhanced Salary Increments: Salary increments for each grade level have been amplified, ensuring that employees are duly rewarded for their qualifications, experience, and performance. This initiative fosters a culture of continuous growth and excellence.
  4. Increased Allowances: The new salary structure introduces augmented allowances for civil servants, further sweetening the deal. These allowances encompass a range of benefits, including housing, transport, and medical allowances.

Benefits of Working Under CONPSS Salary Structure:

  1. Regular Salary Increments: Civil servants under the CONPSS salary structure enjoy the privilege of regular salary increments. This means that, over time, their earnings will increase, providing financial stability and motivation, even without a promotion.
  2. Pension Plan: The inclusion of a pension plan ensures that civil servants will receive a monthly pension after retirement, offering financial security during their post-work years.
  3. Health Insurance: Civil servants under the CONPSS salary structure are entitled to health insurance coverage. This extends to medical expenses, including doctor’s visits and hospital stays, promoting a healthy and secure work environment.
  4. Housing Allowance: A housing allowance is a notable perk, providing civil servants with a monthly stipend to assist with rent or mortgage payments. This contributes to improved living standards for employees and their families.
  5. Transport Allowance: The salary structure includes a transport allowance, offering civil servants a monthly stipend to cover transportation costs. This alleviates financial burdens associated with commuting to work.
  6. Leave Allowance: Civil servants benefit from a leave allowance, ensuring they receive financial support for vacation expenses. This encourages a healthy work-life balance, promoting employee well-being.
  7. Training Allowance: The inclusion of a training allowance emphasizes the government’s commitment to ongoing professional development. Civil servants receive a monthly stipend to support their continuous learning and skill enhancement.


The revamped CONPSS salary structure for 2023 represents a monumental step towards recognizing and rewarding the contributions of Nigerian civil servants. With competitive salaries and a comprehensive array of benefits, working under CONPSS offers not just a job but a fulfilling and secure career. This enhanced structure is poised to attract top talent, foster professional growth, and elevate the standard of living for civil servants across the nation.

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