My Experience With Sexual Harrassment in Nollywood – Linda Osifo


Speaking to Pulse about sexual harrassment in Nollywood, Linda Osifo said:

When it comes to the sexual harrassment in Nollywood, it is a general topic because sexual harrassment happens in every industry and in every sector. So there should be policies, there should be rules, there should also be discipline. Unfortunately, we do live in a society and a community where there really isn’t much done so we have to do much for ourselves and that’s talking out about it. In the industry, I hear about it. I see it. I would have experienced it. However, to avoid things and to always protect yourself – from my own experience – number 1, understand what you want. Number two: never be extra desperate because when you are, you become easy victims. Unfortunately, there are people who just meet the wrong people at the wrong time and those are where we hope everyone can speak out about.

It happens in every industry. You have to be careful. You have to be wise. If you are desperate, you will go after people and they will take advantage of you sexually. But when you’re not desperate and you understand what merits are, you should know that if you are good, someone will give you the role. And I have always believed that. So I was able to avoid that because if I’m good, I will get a role.

Then she was asked, “Have you experienced it personally?” to which Linda said:

Oh yes. Someone once told me in the industry that if I submit myself to them, they will make me a star. And when I Googled what the word meant and when I asked my parents “What does it mean for a woman to be submissive to a man?” (silence). So, it’s for you to understand that if you want the stardom, you won’t have to submit yourself to someone and that can mean sexually, slave. You have to make your own decision and know that if you’re good, if you believe, if you have the talent – you do not need to take those kind of options. Or even make that kind of decision.

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