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Civil Service With The Highest Salary In Nigeria

The civil service in Nigeria stands as a multifaceted workforce, playing a pivotal role in delivering indispensable services to the Nigerian populace. Within this diverse landscape, salaries vary depending on several factors, creating a hierarchy of earnings. Let’s delve into the intricacies of civil service salaries in Nigeria, exploring the sectors that boast the highest remuneration and the factors influencing these earnings.

Federal Civil Service and CONPSS

At the zenith of civil service salaries in Nigeria is the Federal Civil Service, where compensation is governed by the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS). This 17-grade salary framework meticulously considers an employee’s qualifications, experience, and performance to determine their remuneration. Notably, those employed in the oil and gas sector within the Federal Civil Service emerge as the highest earners, with monthly salaries surpassing ₦1 million. This sector’s preeminence in compensation is closely followed by the finance, legal, and medical sectors.

Factors Shaping Civil Service Salaries

  1. Position: Undoubtedly, the position a civil servant holds significantly influences their salary. Occupying higher-level roles, such as directors and permanent secretaries, translates to more substantial earnings compared to their counterparts in lower-level positions like clerical staff and messengers.
  2. Grade Level: The grade level assigned to a civil servant is a crucial determinant of their salary. Higher-grade levels, exemplified by level 17, command more generous remuneration compared to their counterparts in lower-grade levels, such as level 1.
  3. Experience: The wealth of experience a civil servant brings to their role is another pivotal factor in shaping their salary. Typically, individuals with more extensive experience garner higher salaries than their less seasoned counterparts.
  4. Performance: A civil servant’s performance directly correlates with their earning potential. Those who consistently excel in their roles are rewarded with higher salaries, reflecting the value they contribute to the civil service.


What is the civil service position with the highest salary in Nigeria?

The civil service position with the highest salary in Nigeria is typically that of the Permanent Secretary. Permanent Secretaries are senior officials who head various ministries and departments, and they are considered to be at the top of the civil service hierarchy. Their salaries are among the highest in the civil service due to their significant responsibilities and the critical role they play in the administration.

How much does a Permanent Secretary earn in Nigeria?

A Permanent Secretary in Nigeria can earn a basic salary of approximately NGN 2 million per month. This figure excludes allowances and other benefits, which can substantially increase their total earnings. These allowances might include housing, transportation, and other official perks that add to the overall compensation package.

What factors contribute to the high salary of a Permanent Secretary in Nigeria?

The high salary of a Permanent Secretary in Nigeria is attributed to several factors, including the level of responsibility, the complexity of the job, and the need to attract and retain highly qualified and experienced professionals in these critical roles. Permanent Secretaries are responsible for overseeing entire ministries, implementing government policies, and ensuring the efficient functioning of their departments, which justifies their high remuneration.

Are there other high-paying civil service positions in Nigeria besides Permanent Secretaries?

Yes, there are other high-paying civil service positions in Nigeria besides Permanent Secretaries. These include Directors in various ministries and parastatals, Ambassadors, and certain positions in specialized agencies like the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). These roles also come with significant responsibilities and offer attractive salaries and benefits.

How does one become a Permanent Secretary in Nigeria?

To become a Permanent Secretary in Nigeria, an individual typically needs to have a long and distinguished career in the civil service. This involves starting at lower levels and gradually rising through the ranks based on merit, experience, and performance. It often requires holding various leadership positions and demonstrating a strong track record of effective administration and policy implementation. Additionally, appointments to the position of Permanent Secretary are usually made by the President or the Governor, depending on whether it is at the federal or state level, and often involve political considerations and endorsements.


In navigating the realm of civil service salaries in Nigeria, it becomes evident that remuneration is not a one-size-fits-all paradigm. The Federal Civil Service, guided by the CONPSS, establishes a structured approach to salary determination. However, individual circumstances, including position, grade level, experience, and performance, intricately weave together to create a nuanced landscape of civil service earnings. As Nigeria’s civil service continues to evolve, understanding these factors becomes paramount for both aspiring and existing civil servants seeking to navigate and thrive in this dynamic environment.

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