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States With The Highest Salary Scales In Nigeria

As graduation approaches, many new graduates are eager to embark on their professional journeys, seeking not only fulfilling careers but also attractive salary packages. In Nigeria, the disparity in salary scales among states is influenced by various factors, including economic activities, revenue generation, and the presence of well-established industries. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 states in Nigeria that offer the highest salary scales, providing insights into the economic dynamics that contribute to their employees enjoying substantial compensation.

List of States with Highest Salary Rates in Nigeria

Lagos: Nigeria’s Economic Powerhouse

Undoubtedly, Lagos State takes the lead as the state with the highest employee salary structure in Nigeria. Boasting the title of the most populated city in the country, Lagos is home to numerous big and well-established companies, creating a conducive environment for higher salary scales.

FCT Abuja: The Political and Administrative Hub

As the capital city of Nigeria, FCT Abuja houses key political figures and governmental parastatals. The city’s revenue generation is primarily from services, leading to well-paid employees who maintain a smart and polished appearance, reflecting the city’s status.

Delta: The Oil Business Hub

With a primary focus on the oil business, Delta State secures its spot among the top states with substantial salary structures. The presence of numerous oil and gas companies in the state ensures that workers enjoy competitive salary packages.

Kano: Nigeria’s Largest Geographical City

As the largest city in Nigeria in terms of geographical coverage, Kano stands as the fourth state with an impressive salary structure. The city’s economic vibrancy, driven by a bustling market attracting visitors from across the country, contributes to the robust salary scales for its residents.

Oyo: Agricultural and Educational Powerhouse

Oyo State, home to the largest city in Africa, Ibadan, and a significant number of educational institutions, ranks fifth in offering favorable salary scales. Despite being a non-oil state, Oyo’s diverse economy, with a focus on agriculture, ensures employees enjoy competitive compensation.

Rivers: Portharcourt’s Economic Significance

Rivers State, particularly its capital city, Portharcourt, plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s oil sector. The presence of major oil and gas companies, including industry giants like Shell and Chevron, contributes to the substantial salaries earned by workers in the state.

Edo: Attracting International Investments

Known for its rich cultural heritage, Edo State attracts international investments, particularly in tourism, culture, entertainment, and hospitality. The state’s employees benefit from a commendable salary structure, reflecting the economic vitality driven by these sectors.

Bayelsa: Oil Production and Salary Assurance

Bayelsa State, with a focus on oil production, offers an encouraging salary structure. The presence of oil companies contributes to the reliability of salary scales for workers in the state.

Imo: Abundant Natural Resources

Imo State, endowed with abundant natural resources such as crude oil, white clay, zinc, fine sand, lead, natural gas, and limestone, ensures that its employees enjoy a proud salary scheme.

Ogun State: Commercial Hub at Nigeria’s Gateway

Ranked as the tenth state with a top salary structure, Ogun State’s commercial activities thrive due to its strategic location, sharing borders with Lagos, Oyo, and Ondo states. This proximity contributes to the state’s economic dynamism and competitive salary packages for its workforce.


Which state in Nigeria has the highest salary scale?

Lagos State is often regarded as the state with the highest salary scale in Nigeria. This is due to its status as the commercial and financial hub of the country, hosting numerous multinational companies and high-paying industries.

What factors contribute to the high salary scales in Lagos State?

Several factors contribute to high salary scales in Lagos State, including its large concentration of multinational corporations, financial institutions, and tech companies. The cost of living in Lagos is also higher, which necessitates higher wages to attract and retain talent. Additionally, the competitive job market in Lagos drives salaries upward.

Are there other states in Nigeria with high salary scales besides Lagos?

Yes, other states with relatively high salary scales include the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), Rivers State (particularly in Port Harcourt due to the oil industry), and Ogun State. These areas have significant economic activities, industries, and better infrastructure, contributing to higher wages.

How do salary scales in Abuja compare to those in Lagos?

Salary scales in Abuja are generally high, particularly in government, international organizations, and large corporations. However, Lagos often still tops Abuja due to its extensive private sector and diverse economic activities. Nonetheless, many high-ranking officials and expatriates in Abuja enjoy competitive salaries.

What industries in Nigeria offer the highest salary scales?

Industries that offer the highest salary scales in Nigeria include oil and gas, banking and finance, telecommunications, and technology. These sectors are predominantly based in states like Lagos, Rivers, and Abuja, where there is a high demand for skilled professionals and significant corporate investments.


As graduates embark on their career journeys, considering the salary scales in different states becomes crucial. The economic activities, industrial presence, and revenue generation in these top 10 states make them stand out as prime destinations for those seeking not just employment but also attractive compensation packages.

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