List Of Degree Programs In Akwa Ibom State College Of Education, Afaha Nsit

Welcome to Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit, a public institution in Nigeria dedicated to shaping future educators and professionals. If you’re considering joining us on your educational journey, let’s delve into the various degree programs available at AKSCOE.

Degree Programs Offered:

School of Arts and Social Sciences:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A. (Ed.))
    • Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education (B.A. (Ed.) English)
    • Bachelor of Arts in French Language Education (B.A. (Ed.) French)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education (B.A. (Ed.) Social Studies)

School of Education:

    • Bachelor of Education in Educational Administration and Planning (B.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning)
    • Bachelor of Education in Guidance and Counseling (B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling)
    • Bachelor of Education in Measurement and Evaluation (B.Ed. Measurement and Evaluation)

School of Languages:

    • Bachelor of Education in English Language Education (B.A. (Ed.) English)
    • Bachelor of Education in French Language Education (B.A. (Ed.) French)

School of Natural Sciences:

    • Bachelor of Education in Biology Education (B.Ed. Biology)
    • Bachelor of Education in Chemistry Education (B.Ed. Chemistry)
    • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics Education (B.Ed. Mathematics)
    • Bachelor of Education in Physics Education (B.Ed. Physics)

School of Science and Technology:

    • Bachelor of Education in Agricultural Science Education (B.Ed. Agricultural Science)
    • Bachelor of Education in Business Education (B.Ed. Business Education)
    • Bachelor of Education in Computer Education (B.Ed. Computer Education)
    • Bachelor of Education in Fine and Applied Arts Education (B.Ed. Fine and Applied Arts)
    • Bachelor of Education in Home Economics Education (B.Ed. Home Economics)
    • Bachelor of Education in Library and Information Science Education (B.Ed. Library and Information Science)
    • Bachelor of Education in Physical and Health Education (B.Ed. Physical and Health Education)

School of Vocational and Technical Education:

    • Bachelor of Education in Automobile Engineering Education (B.Ed. Automobile Engineering)
    • Bachelor of Education in Building Technology Education (B.Ed. Building Technology)
    • Bachelor of Education in Electrical/Electronics Engineering Education (B.Ed. Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
    • Bachelor of Education in Mechanical Engineering Education (B.Ed. Mechanical Engineering)


Q1: How long is the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program? A1: The B.Ed. program at AKSCOE is four years long, providing a comprehensive mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Q2: Can I specialize in a specific subject area within the education programs? A2: Yes, AKSCOE offers a variety of specialization options in subjects like English, French, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and more.

Q3: Are there postgraduate programs available at AKSCOE? A3: Currently, AKSCOE offers undergraduate programs, and there might be future developments for postgraduate offerings.


Embark on your academic journey at AKSCOE, where a diverse range of degree programs awaits, nurturing your passion for education and preparing you for a fulfilling career. Explore the possibilities and choose the path that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Your educational adventure begins here!

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