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Nigeria Army Salary & Ranks Plus Allowances in Nigeria

The Nigerian Army, entrusted with the critical task of safeguarding the nation’s citizens and defending its borders, operates with a diverse cadre of officers. In this blog post, we delve into the salary structure of these officers, exploring the distinctions between commissioned and non-commissioned ranks.

Overview of Nigerian Army Salary Structure

Commissioned Officers

  1. General: ₦1,500,000
  2. Lieutenant General: ₦1,000,000
  3. Major General: ₦950,000
  4. Brigadier General: ₦750,000
  5. Colonel: ₦550,000
  6. Lieutenant Colonel: ₦350,000
  7. Major: ₦300,000
  8. Captain: ₦220,000
  9. Lieutenant: ₦180,000
  10. Second Lieutenant: ₦120,000

Non-Commissioned Officers

  1. Army Warrant Officer: ₦180,000
  2. Master Warrant Officer: ₦120,000
  3. Warrant Officer: ₦95,000
  4. Staff Sergeant: ₦80,000
  5. Sergeant: ₦70,000
  6. Corporal: ₦60,000
  7. Lance Corporal: ₦57,000
  8. Private Soldier: ₦50,000

Average Monthly Salary: ₦810,000

Responsibilities of a Nigerian Army Officer

  1. Maintaining Territorial Integrity: Securing the country’s borders across land, sea, and air is the foremost responsibility.
  2. Adherence to Code of Conduct: Army officers are bound by a code of conduct outlined in the constitution, guiding their actions and duties.

In addition to their base salaries, Nigerian Army officers receive various allowances, including ration, training, transport, operation, and special force allowances. The amount varies based on an officer’s rank and years of experience.

Concerns About Salary

While the average salary for commissioned officers is around ₦800,000, some officers express dissatisfaction, particularly with the recent ₦2,000 increase in the ration allowance. Many contend that their monthly earnings, often less than ₦100,000, are insufficient to meet their daily needs.


What is the salary structure for Nigerian Army officers?

The salary structure for Nigerian Army officers varies based on their rank and years of service. Generally, salaries range from ₦60,000 to ₦300,000 monthly for lower ranks and can go up to ₦1 million or more for higher-ranking officers.

What are the ranks in the Nigerian Army and their corresponding salaries?

The Nigerian Army has several ranks, starting from the lowest to the highest, including Private, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General. Salaries increase with each rank, with higher-ranking officers receiving higher pay.

Do Nigerian Army officers receive allowances in addition to their salaries?

Yes, Nigerian Army officers receive various allowances in addition to their salaries. These allowances include housing allowance, transport allowance, medical allowance, and combat allowance, among others. The amount varies depending on the rank and location of the officer.

Are there bonuses or special incentives for Nigerian Army personnel?

Yes, Nigerian Army personnel may receive bonuses and special incentives based on their performance, deployment, and other factors. These bonuses could include hardship allowances, peacekeeping allowances for international deployments, and bonuses for specialized training or skills.

How does promotion affect salary in the Nigerian Army?

Promotion in the Nigerian Army comes with an increase in salary corresponding to the new rank attained. Additionally, promotions often come with other benefits, such as increased allowances and opportunities for further career advancement. Promotions are based on merit, performance, and fulfilment of specific criteria outlined by the Nigerian Army hierarchy.


Joining the Nigerian Army requires fulfilling strict eligibility criteria, including education and a clean criminal record. Once selected, officers are compensated based on their rank and experience. This blog post aims to provide valuable insights for those considering a career in the Nigerian Army, shedding light on the responsibilities and financial aspects associated with serving in this esteemed institution.

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