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NASRDA Salary Structure In Nigeria 2024: How Much Staff Earn

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) is Nigeria’s premier space research institution, playing a crucial role in advancing the country’s capabilities in space technology and exploration. Understanding the salary structure within NASRDA provides insight into the incentives and compensation that drive the talent behind Nigeria’s space ambitions. This article explores the salary structure at NASRDA in 2024, detailing how much staff earn across various levels and roles.

Overview of NASRDA

NASRDA was established in 1999 and operates under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. The agency is responsible for coordinating and implementing space research and development activities in Nigeria. Its objectives include satellite technology development, space science research, and fostering international cooperation in space endeavors.

Salary Structure at NASRDA

General Salary Structure

NASRDA’s salary structure follows the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes Salary Structure (CONRAISS), which is a standard pay scale for research institutes in Nigeria. Salaries within NASRDA are influenced by factors such as job position, academic qualifications, years of experience, and the specific department within the agency.

Salary Breakdown by Position

  1. Graduate Trainees and Entry-Level Staff
    • Monthly Salary: ₦100,000 – ₦150,000
    • Graduate trainees and entry-level staff are typically fresh graduates or individuals with minimal work experience. Their roles involve basic research tasks, data analysis, and assisting senior researchers.
  2. Research Assistants and Junior Researchers
    • Monthly Salary: ₦150,000 – ₦250,000
    • These positions require some experience in research activities. Research assistants support senior researchers in experiments, data collection, and preliminary analysis.
  3. Research Fellows and Senior Researchers
    • Monthly Salary: ₦250,000 – ₦450,000
    • Research fellows and senior researchers usually hold advanced degrees (Masters or PhD) and have several years of experience. They lead research projects, mentor junior staff, and contribute to significant scientific findings.
  4. Principal Researchers and Department Heads
    • Monthly Salary: ₦450,000 – ₦700,000
    • Principal researchers and department heads are senior-level positions responsible for overseeing large projects and managing departmental operations. Their extensive experience and leadership roles justify their higher pay.
  5. Executive Directors and Top Management
    • Monthly Salary: ₦700,000 – ₦1,200,000
    • Executive directors and other top management staff hold the highest positions within NASRDA. They are responsible for strategic planning, decision-making, and overall agency administration.

Factors Influencing Salaries

Academic Qualifications

Higher academic qualifications, such as Master’s degrees and PhDs, significantly influence salary levels at NASRDA. Advanced degrees not only enhance knowledge but also position staff for higher roles and responsibilities.

Years of Experience

Experience is a critical factor in determining salary. More experienced staff bring valuable insights and skills to their roles, which is reflected in their compensation.

Specializations and Skills

Certain specializations and technical skills are in high demand at NASRDA. Staff with expertise in satellite technology, aerospace engineering, and advanced research methodologies often command higher salaries.


What is the entry-level salary for a fresh graduate at NASRDA?

The entry-level salary for a fresh graduate at NASRDA ranges from ₦100,000 to ₦150,000 per month. This may vary slightly depending on the specific role and qualifications of the individual.

How does NASRDA determine salary increments?

Salary increments at NASRDA are typically based on performance evaluations, years of experience, and additional qualifications. Promotions and advancements within the agency also come with corresponding salary increases.

Are there additional benefits besides the basic salary at NASRDA?

Yes, NASRDA staff enjoy various benefits, including health insurance, housing allowances, transport allowances, and opportunities for further training and development.

Do NASRDA salaries compare favorably with other research institutions in Nigeria?

NASRDA salaries are competitive and align with the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes Salary Structure (CONRAISS), ensuring they are on par with other leading research institutions in Nigeria.

Can international staff work at NASRDA, and if so, what are their salary prospects?

International staff can work at NASRDA, particularly in collaborative projects and advisory roles. Their salary prospects are typically higher, reflecting their international experience and expertise.


NASRDA’s salary structure in 2024 reflects its commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in the field of space research and development. With competitive salaries, numerous benefits, and opportunities for professional growth, NASRDA remains a pivotal institution in Nigeria’s scientific and technological advancement.

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