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CONRAISS Salary Structure in Nigeria

In 2009, the Nigerian government introduced the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS) as a pivotal step in revamping outdated salary structures for research and allied institutes. This sophisticated model has recently undergone reforms to better align with the evolving needs of employees. This blog post explores the key aspects of the CONRAISS salary structure, shedding light on the monthly ranges, average salaries, and additional perks provided to employees.

The CONRAISS salary structure is designed to ensure fair compensation for employees across various designations within research and allied institutes. The entry-level salary starts at ₦34,560, while experienced professionals can earn up to ₦501,657. The average monthly salary stands at ₦268,108.5, ensuring that both entry-level and experienced employees receive fair compensation for their contributions.

Recognizing the challenges faced by researchers in Nigeria, the government has implemented additional benefits to enhance the overall well-being of CONRAISS employees. These extras include allowances, bonuses, and improvements in research tools and equipment.

Medical insurance is provided to employees, offering them access to free healthcare. Housing and transport allowances contribute to a better lifestyle, covering rental expenses and subsidized transportation from home to the office.

Salary Structure Details

The CONRAISS salary structure is organized into grade levels and steps, with specific salary figures for both male and female employees. Here is an overview of the salary structure:

Grade Level/Steps Salary for Males Salary for Females
CONRAIS 01 (Step 1 – 15) ₦34,560 ₦29,376
CONRAIS 02 (Step 1 – 15) ₦45,067 ₦38,3075
… (Up to CONRAIS 15)

It’s important to note that the CONRAISS salary structure incorporates a gender-based pay gap, with female employees receiving 12% to 15% less than their male counterparts. This disparity is in line with government regulations and policies governing pay differentials.

Qualifications significantly influence the salary structure, emphasizing the importance of advanced degrees, particularly in STEM fields. Higher qualifications and extensive research experience contribute to higher salaries, reflecting the value placed on skills and expertise in the research and allied sectors.

Responsibilities of CONRAISS Employees

CONRAISS employees are engaged in multifaceted roles, including conducting thorough research, presenting unbiased findings, and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge through teaching. The responsibilities underscore the importance of research skills, neutrality in findings, and effective communication within the scientific community.


What is CONRAISS Salary Structure in Nigeria?

The Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS) is a remuneration system established by the Nigerian government for employees in research and allied institutions across the country.

How does CONRAISS differ from other salary structures?

CONRAISS is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and responsibilities of professionals working in research and allied institutions, ensuring competitive compensation within these sectors.

Who determines the salary levels under CONRAISS?

The Nigerian government, through relevant agencies and departments, sets the salary levels within the CONRAISS framework, considering factors such as qualifications, experience, and job roles.

Are there different salary scales within CONRAISS?

Yes, CONRAISS encompasses various salary scales, each corresponding to different positions, qualifications, and levels of experience within research and allied institutions.

Can CONRAISS salaries be subject to revisions or adjustments?

Yes, similar to other salary structures, CONRAISS salaries can undergo periodic reviews, revisions, or adjustments by the government to ensure they remain competitive and reflective of economic conditions.


The CONRAISS salary structure stands as a testament to the Nigerian government’s commitment to fostering a thriving research environment. Aspiring candidates looking to join research and allied institutes can now better understand the salary framework, additional benefits, and the impact of qualifications on their earning potential. With a focus on fairness and recognition of expertise, CONRAISS continues to pave the way for a vibrant research landscape in Nigeria.

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