Anchor University Hostel Price For Female Students

Are you a female student looking for a comfortable and secure place to stay while pursuing your studies at Anchor University in Lagos, Nigeria? Look no further! This blog post provides all the essential information you need about hostel prices, amenities, and the booking process at Anchor University.

Hostel Prices:

Anchor University offers various hostel options to cater to different preferences and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the prices for female students:

  1. Shared Room (10 bed spaces) – ₦60,000 per semester
  2. Shared Room (8 bed spaces) – ₦80,000 per semester
  3. Shared Room (6 bed spaces) – ₦100,000 per semester
  4. Single Room – ₦120,000 per semester

Included in the Price:

The hostel prices cover the following amenities:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Utilities (water, electricity, internet)
  3. Security
  4. Common areas (kitchen, dining hall, laundry room, etc.)

Not Included in the Price:

Keep in mind that the hostel prices do not cover the following:

  1. Food
  2. Personal expenses (toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Booking Process:

To secure your spot at Anchor University hostel, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Anchor University website and create an account.
  2. Log in to your account and navigate to the “Accommodation” tab.
  3. Choose your preferred room type and indicate the number of roommates.
  4. Complete the online payment for the hostel fee.
  5. Receive a confirmation email once your payment is processed.

Hostel Rules and Regulations:

Adhering to hostel rules is essential for a harmonious living experience. Some key regulations include:

  1. Check-in and check-out on designated dates.
  2. Maintain cleanliness and organization in your room.
  3. Respect fellow residents and hostel staff.
  4. Avoid damaging hostel property.
  5. Prohibit bringing illegal or dangerous items into the hostel.

Facilities and Amenities:

Enjoy a range of facilities and amenities at Anchor University hostel, including:

  1. 24/7 security
  2. Common areas (kitchen, dining hall, laundry room, etc.)
  3. Study rooms
  4. Recreational facilities (sports field, swimming pool, etc.)
  5. Medical clinic
  6. Religious facilities


Q: How do I book a room at Anchor University hostel? A: Follow the steps outlined on the university website under the “Accommodation” tab.

Q: What’s included in the hostel price? A: Accommodation, utilities, security, and access to common areas are included. However, food and personal expenses are not covered.

Q: Are there any hostel rules? A: Yes, residents must adhere to check-in/out dates, maintain cleanliness, and follow guidelines to ensure a positive living environment.


With affordable prices, excellent amenities, and a straightforward booking process, Anchor University hostel provides a conducive living space for female students in Lagos, Nigeria. Book your spot today and experience a comfortable and secure stay throughout your academic journey.

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