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Uber Drivers’ Earnings 2024: How Much Uber Drivers Make Weekly In Nigeria

Uber, the popular ride-hailing platform, has become a lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking flexible income in Nigeria. While the potential for earnings is promising, various factors come into play, influencing the amount Uber drivers can make. In this guide, we’ll delve into the key factors affecting earnings and provide tips on how drivers can optimize their income.

How Uber Drivers Earn Money

Uber drivers generate income through fares charged to riders. The fare calculation considers factors such as distance, time of day, and demand in the area. Additionally, drivers receive a commission from each completed ride, contributing to their overall earnings.

Factors Affecting Uber Drivers’ Earnings

  1. Location:
    • Drivers in busy areas, especially major cities, generally earn more than those in rural locations.
  2. Time of Day:
    • Peak hours, such as rush hour, present higher earning opportunities compared to off-peak hours.
  3. Demand for Rides:
    • Areas with high demand yield greater earnings for drivers than those with low demand.
  4. Experience:
    • More experienced Uber drivers typically command higher earnings than their less-experienced counterparts.
  5. Vehicle:
    • Drivers with newer and more luxurious vehicles tend to earn more than those with older and less luxurious options.
  6. Tips:
    • While not guaranteed, tips from riders can significantly boost a driver’s overall income.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Weekly in Nigeria?

According to recent surveys, the average Uber driver in Nigeria earns around N50,000 per week. However, individual earnings can vary, with some drivers surpassing this average while others may earn less.

Tips for Increasing Uber Drivers’ Earnings

  1. Choose Busy Areas:
    • Focus on working in high-traffic areas, particularly major cities, to increase ride opportunities.
  2. Optimize Peak Hours:
    • Target peak hours, such as rush hour, when ride demand is higher, maximizing potential earnings.
  3. Upgrade Your Vehicle:
    • Consider driving a newer and more luxurious vehicle to attract riders willing to pay premium fares.
  4. Provide Excellent Customer Service:
    • Positive interactions with riders can lead to higher ratings and increased chances of tips.
  5. Punctuality and Reliability:
    • Being punctual and reliable enhances your reputation and encourages repeat business.
  6. Accept Long Trips:
    • Accepting longer trips can contribute to higher overall earnings, especially during peak times.
  7. Drive During Surge Pricing:
    • Take advantage of surge pricing, which occurs during high-demand periods, resulting in increased fares.


How much can Uber drivers expect to earn weekly in Nigeria in 2024?

Uber drivers in Nigeria can earn varying amounts depending on factors like hours worked, demand, and driving efficiency. On average, drivers can earn between ₦40,000 to ₦100,000 per week.

What factors influence the earnings of Uber drivers in Nigeria?

Several factors impact Uber drivers’ earnings, including the number of hours worked, surge pricing, fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and location. Drivers who strategically plan their shifts during peak demand periods tend to earn more.

Are there any additional incentives or bonuses for Uber drivers in Nigeria?

Yes, Uber often offers incentives and bonuses to drivers in Nigeria to encourage them to complete a certain number of trips or maintain high ratings. These incentives can boost earnings significantly for proactive drivers.

Is it possible to earn a consistent income as an Uber driver in Nigeria?

While earnings can fluctuate day-to-day due to various factors, many Uber drivers in Nigeria can earn a relatively consistent income by planning their shifts effectively, staying updated on demand patterns, and providing excellent service to passengers.

Are there any tips for maximizing earnings as an Uber driver in Nigeria?

To maximize earnings, drivers should consider driving during peak demand hours, maintaining a clean and comfortable vehicle, providing excellent customer service to passengers, and staying informed about incentives and bonuses offered by Uber. Additionally, exploring multiple ride-sharing platforms can provide additional income opportunities.


Becoming a successful Uber driver in Nigeria involves a strategic approach that considers various factors influencing earnings. By focusing on location, optimizing peak hours, upgrading vehicles, providing excellent service, and leveraging surge pricing, drivers can enhance their income potential in this dynamic and rewarding gig economy.

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