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Current Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salaries

The Nigerian Navy plays a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s water territories, and understanding its ranks and salary structure is vital for those aspiring to join the force. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the history, functions, and detailed salary breakdown for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy.

Overview of the Nigerian Navy:

Established in 1914 as the Nigerian Marine and later renamed the Nigerian Naval Force, the Nigerian Navy is the marine arm of the country’s Armed Forces. It boasts the largest workforce and technical capabilities in West Africa, organized into 9 branches, 5 commands, and multiple units. The force is headquartered in Abuja, with operational commands in Soaps (Lagos), Yenagoa (Bayelsa), Calabar, and Oghara.

Functions of the Nigerian Navy Force:

The Nigerian Navy, in alliance with NIMASA, is responsible for protecting water territories, including the Gulf of Guinea, from various crimes. Its functions extend to the administration of ports and harbors, enforcing regulations on fisheries, immigration, pollution, defending seas, operating ferry services, dredging channels, and ensuring compliance with maritime laws.

Current Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salaries:Commissioned Officers: Commissioned officers, often graduates of the Nigeria Defense Academy, receive higher salaries than non-commissioned officers. There are twelve ranks within the commissioned cadre, starting from Mid-Shipman to Admiral of the Fleet. Salaries increase with rank, and here is a breakdown:

  • Mid-Shipman: ₦118,835 monthly, ₦1,426,020 annually
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant: ₦130,852 monthly, ₦1,570,224 annually
  • Sub-Lieutenant: ₦150,625 monthly, ₦1,807,500 annually
  • Lieutenant: ₦195,685 monthly, ₦2,348,220 annually
  • Lieutenant Commander: ₦230,652 monthly, ₦2,767,500 annually
  • Commander: ₦281,673 monthly, ₦3,380,076 annually
  • Captain: ₦309,654 monthly, ₦3,715,848 annually
  • Commodore: ₦615, 484 monthly, ₦7,385,898 annually
  • Rear Admiral: ₦1,003,245 monthly, ₦12,038,940 annually
  • Vice-Admiral: ₦1,113,602 monthly, ₦13,363,224 annually
  • Admiral: ₦1,358,595 monthly, ₦16,303,540 annually
  • Admiral of the Fleet: Not fixed due to political reasons

Non-Commissioned Officers:

Recruited through standard processes, non-commissioned officers have lower salaries compared to their commissioned counterparts. Salaries increase with rank, and the structure is as follows:

  • Trainee: Not paid until completion of training
  • Ordinary Rating: ₦45,854 monthly, ₦550,140 annually
  • Able Rating: ₦50,855 monthly, ₦610,260 annually
  • Leading Rating: ₦70,855 monthly, ₦850,260 annually
  • Petty Officer: ₦80,852 monthly, ₦970,224 annually
  • Chief Petty Officer: ₦90,825 monthly, ₦1,089,900 annually
  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer: ₦120,853 monthly, ₦1,450,236 annually


This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the Nigerian Navy’s rich history, vital functions, and the salary structure for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers. For those aspiring to join this esteemed force, understanding the ranks and salaries is a crucial step in planning a rewarding career in service to the nation.

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