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Embarking on a career with UNICEF means joining a global movement dedicated to fostering diversity, inclusivity, and making a tangible difference in the lives of children worldwide. This renowned organization encourages individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or nationality, including those with disabilities, to become part of its remarkable workforce. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting professional development prospects that await you at UNICEF and guide you through the application process.

What Awaits You at UNICEF:

UNICEF offers a meaningful career filled with diverse and exciting professional growth opportunities. Your commitment and skills can contribute to transforming UNICEF’s vision into reality, particularly in Nigeria. If you’re passionate about making a lasting impact and ready to step up, read on to learn more about the UNICEF recruitment process.

UNICEF Recruitment Requirements:

To be eligible for the UNICEF recruitment exercise, certain conditions must be met:

  1. Good Behavior and Composure: Essential traits for a positive work environment.
  2. Adaptability: The ability to thrive in new environments.
  3. Physical and Mental Fitness: Prerequisites for meeting the demands of the role.
  4. Advanced Degree: Required in a relevant field.
  5. Judgment and Decision-making Skills: Vital for effective contributions.
  6. Communication and Interpersonal Abilities: Necessary for collaboration.
  7. Language Proficiency: Knowledge of another UN language or local language is advantageous.
  8. Teamwork Aptitude: Strong collaborative skills.
  9. Willingness to Travel: Including to remote regions.
  10. Computer Literacy: An advantageous skill set.

How to Apply for UNICEF Recruitment 2023/2024:

Follow these simple steps to navigate the UNICEF recruitment process:

  1. Visit the official recruitment portal:
  2. Browse job listings based on location, contract type, functional area, or position level.
  3. Thoroughly review the job description to understand the role.
  4. Click ‘Apply Now’ to start the application process.
  5. Provide your email address (use the same address if you’ve applied before).
  6. Agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions.’
  7. Complete the free application form provided.
  8. If successful, you’ll receive an email notification.

Stay Updated:

Stay informed about UNICEF’s recruitment updates by regularly visiting the official website. Bookmark or save the page and refresh it periodically for any changes. Updates will be promptly shared with you.


  1. Submit only one application to avoid disqualification.
  2. Beware of individuals claiming payment for facilitating recruitment.
  3. The UNICEF recruitment process is entirely free.
  4. UNICEF does not consider unsolicited CVs for employment.


Embark on a journey of impact and growth with UNICEF. Your skills and commitment can contribute to making a lasting difference in the lives of children globally. Follow the steps outlined above to apply and be part of a dedicated team working towards a brighter future.

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